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Whats this

What is this? could it, albeit vaguely, be a representation of what might be going into the new Consultation & Minor Procedures room? Only 5 days and the grand opening to celebrate 2 years in Practice at The Practice....All will be revealed, I'm confident you'll all...

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A Teaser Of A Blog

So, a lot of you are aware of a couple of things here at The Practice....(1) that the 28th of this month is the 2 year anniversary of the opening of My beautiful Fetish Medical World....(2) that I recently, even with much protest sold My authentic hospital bed.....I...

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Attention to detail

This really is a very quick before and after blog, just showing you the attention to detail I give not only in The Practice My medical room but also in Fallen Angel Studio My dungeon, anyway above My beautiful Eschman Operating Table in it's natural state and below...

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New Addition

Curved Lithotomy PolesĀ  So, more additions to My beautiful Eschman operating table, after adding the arms a few weeks back it seemed almost rude not to add some foot support to, however rather than the standard leg/calf supports I thought I'd be clever and add a...

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New Room

Well I knew My blog was popular but I hadn't realised just how popular, I put the bed from the recovery room on a fetish web site and good old eBay for sale and got an absolute deluge of email, some saying don't sell it others saying what are you up to, what are you...

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New Year New Toys

So now you can see what I was so excited about but didn't tell you in my last blog, it's always good when you select good kit and this has been very much the case with My gorgeous Eschman Operating table, it has proved to be hugely popular and now it is even better...

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