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Cameras and close ups and stuff

  So those that follow both of My persona's will know I have been super busy of late revamping My dungeon that goes by the name of Fallen Angel Studio, very proud of it I am too, The Practice is without a doubt My first love but both have My love thats for...

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Happy Birthday…

For those that follow me you will know, the 28th of March 2018 is the 2 year anniversary of the opening of The Practice, My 2nd studio, the first of course being the now famous Fallen Angel. It is a project that has grown and grown to the extent I am now not often to...

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Whats this

What is this? could it, albeit vaguely, be a representation of what might be going into the new Consultation & Minor Procedures room? Only 5 days and the grand opening to celebrate 2 years in Practice at The Practice....All will be revealed, I'm confident you'll...

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A Teaser Of A Blog

So, a lot of you are aware of a couple of things here at The Practice....(1) that the 28th of this month is the 2 year anniversary of the opening of My beautiful Fetish Medical World....(2) that I recently, even with much protest sold My authentic hospital bed.....I...

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Attention to detail

This really is a very quick before and after blog, just showing you the attention to detail I give not only in The Practice My medical room but also in Fallen Angel Studio My dungeon, anyway above My beautiful Eschman Operating Table in it's natural state and below...

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New Addition

Curved Lithotomy PolesĀ  So, more additions to My beautiful Eschman operating table, after adding the arms a few weeks back it seemed almost rude not to add some foot support to, however rather than the standard leg/calf supports I thought I'd be clever and add a...

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