Serious Kit

The Serious Kit Vacuum Suits and Milker

Serious Kit developed two suits, both of which you can indulge in at The Practice Medical Suite


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The Suits

Serious Kit developed two suits, both of which you can indulge in at The Practice. One is a Vacuum Suit that has the electric outlet in the groin area, this is for those of you who enjoy an isolated electric stimulus, but predominately you will be absorbed by the vacuum and suction that the suit delivers, a bondage feel like no other, latex encasement and sensory fulfilment. This suit also has the option of ‘Danish Nipple Cups’ in the chest area, a custom design to The Practice for those of you who enjoy suction, pulsation and electrics as a direct stimulus on those nipples, or you can have blank grommets so no effect is felt in this area… or a variation of both!

The second suit is the Electro Vacuum Suit, full latex encasement, Suction and Pulsation delivered plus Eleven points of electric stimulus over the body, being delivered by 3 Erostek Electric Power boxes and also a ten channel electric stimulation machine.

Both suits have lube inlets to add temperature controlled lubricant, adding to the sensory overload and stimulation. The second suit has been custom designed to The Practice to have 2, one inlet across the chest area and the second straight into the electro stimulation penis masturbation bag.

They really are a ‘Serious’ piece of Kit!

The Milker

The Serious Kit system is based around an iconic American Milking Machine that has been modified to work with stainless steel & perspex suction and pulsation tubes. Designed to keep you on that delicious edge of delivery and continuous stimulation like no other. Multiple different tubes are your choice at The Practice, along with fully conductive ones that run the ErosteK Electric boxes – if you haven’t tried this procedure then you really really should!

Please note you do not have to wear the suit to experience the milker.

The SPT’s and Attachments

The Serious Kit system has a number of different SPT’s as they are called, “Suction, Pulsation Tubes”, they vary in size and delivery, from standard simple suction and pulsation to fully lined conductive and machined alloy conductive tubes, specialist vibrating tubes and those that deliver temperature controlled lube, its very varied and each deliver their own sensory delight. Recently Serious Kit have developed a system for the Scrotal Sack, a extremely unique experience, coupled with a bi polar electrical stimulus from the Erostek system – it is quite something!

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