OMG indeed, I really can’t remember the last time I was this busy, I am looking away every time I click the icon to open My emails 😂🤣😂🤣 Please don’t stop I’m very happy to be busy just not used to being quite this busy.

The beauty of being busy is the variety of play, as you can see above a bit of circumcision play going on, The cock belongs to a regular of some 15 years plus who hadn’t been for a while, nice to see you again M and loved the session Myself so thank you for that….

Just a little blast from the past above, My current Nurse Jolene pictured with Nurse Wilde, I stumbled across it searching for something else altogether, It has been a long while since I saw her, she also worked as a Mistress from My studio, she was at the time up against several others but was by far the best, super efficient, super busy, high skill sets and gorgeous looks, little wonder she did exceptionally well in other projects and retired, a fantastic cook as well always bringing in delicious goodies.

I saw this and it amused Me, it’s funny really I actually do a lot of anal, that would be the bending over line, I have a huge, well quite huge, collection of toys is sizes tiny right through to *NoWay* by various makers, Hankeys, John Thomas, Sinnovator, Bad Dragon and on and on, is there a huge word of mouth community out there or if not how on earth do you find Me I don’t advertise for it and as far as I am aware I can’t think I ever have…..another one of life’s mysteries I guess….as for swallowing hahahahahahah!!!!!!!

Not medical pictures I know, but #1 was just going through the Mac and deleting unused stuff and came across these, I have posted others from the same shoot but not these ones as far as I am aware, anyway he said I should so here you go, taken before the major refurb as you can see, if I remember rightly they are about a year and a few months old…..I’ll be doing a photo shoot Saturday but not for Me but I think with these being so old I had better or they’ll be saying who are you when they turn up, nothing worse than old pictures as the saying goes **we are not how we used to be nor will we ever be again** #JustSaying….

So staying away from Medical but staying on photo shoots we were very honoured to be in the presence of MissElizaLou and her #1M yesterday, what an absolutely wonderful couple and both very beautiful not only in looks but personality too, down to earth, genuine a real pleasure to be in the company of, a credit to the industry and an inspiration……They very kindly came to shoot the Enfettered Wheel, you’ll see the pictures and video on the Enfettered site very shortly as well as in all the usual places, in the meantime there are a few above as a teaser for you.

So now staying with MissEliza but back to medical….see how smooth that transition was….anyway maybe, just maybe the good Lady might be prepared to travel down and work with Me in My medical room The Practice if there were to be interest, so contact either herself or Me should you wish to register your interest, or to suggest some dates where we might both have the time to do it…..I hope someone might find it a wish, I would love to work with her,…….C’mon folks lets make it happen 😁

Ok enough waffle, I’m going to close for the month, it is the 2nd time round, I’ll make a better effort to make it more about medical next month although next month will be a short one for Me I am off on My hollibobs, so if you want a June appointment you’ll need to get in before the 17th to catch Me….take care out there and thanks for reading, a sincere thanks to all that have come to see me. you really are very much appreciated Dr.Sara 💋