Appointments with Medical Mistress

The Practice will require you to call or email our fetish medical practitioners, please introduce yourself with some ideas, or treatments that you have experienced and indeed enjoyed, what has worked well for you at other such practices and you feel we can build on, test or maybe expand on. There are some fabulous treatment rooms across the country and I am sure you have experienced some wonderful clinical procedures and treatments!

You may need one of our staff to guide you through some options for your treatments whilst you stay here at The Practice. As a new patient to us here at The Practice, we know it can be a daunting time having to come in for treatment and we will always do our best to make you feel relaxed, confident and cared for.

Appointments can be booked from 11am to 8pm, I do not answer when in a treatment session, therefore, if you can text or email, please do so as an initial contact, or leave me a message to text you when I am free.