As they say you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs, so out with a lot of the things that we have had for years, including all the various types of suspension bars, the stuff we had was just so similar to that of everybody else we thought a total change, so above some of the new style bars ready to go into the new refurbed space 👀love them…

The old above will soon be gone, I will be brutal, all you need to do is keep cursing down and I’ll be taking pictures all week showing the daily difference until it is as I now see it in My minds eye! a long blog but not taxing as it will just be picture rich with a few comments 😳

Day one….the strip out 😳 out with some kit, lot’s of new kit will be added before opening…

About half way through, floor down 2 coats of paint, a major clean down then start to put it all back together and a few more major clean downs in-between, who knew sawdust could just keep coming back even after you have swept up and hoovered, amazing stuff…

So the process of putting it back together now, lots and lots of new kit if you look hard you’ll see, lots of new suspension gear and harnesses hopefully not enough showing to give the game away but I’m sure, enough that you get the idea and I do believe I have created the look i was looking for, Loft Apartment meets Warehouse meets Steam Punk.….loving the Edison lighting there is enough of it that it gives a good account of itself rather than the cheap boudoir look you see in some instances, it is a very kind light too, i’m sure it will catch on 😳 Another day or two of arranging and cleaning then the engineers are in to install the new kit, then i will be excited, although i do a very good impression of excited right now 😊

Every job has a man in charge, a Gaffer or if you are on the posh side a Foreman, as you can see our job was no exception and the man in charge kept a very close eye on all the workforce to make sure no corners were cut 😁

Still putting it back together, we are already pretty sure that it is taking longer than we thought, 5 days behind at the minute, this is what happens when you try to time builders with engineers and upholsterers they are all a little bit a law unto themselves….it will we feel be worth it though.

##1 said today, when folks ask you where you’ve been and why you’ve not been posting much on social media and the like tell them the truth, you’ve been reinventing the wheel…The new wheel, a little bit frustrating at the minute, body cinchers, leg and shoulders and hand clamps in place now waiting on the waist belt, leg belts and arm belts, turns both ways easily on a gear box with crank handle a 7 stone weakling can easily spin a silver back gorilla and you can pick any position to stop as it goes through the full 360 degrees, it is self breaking at which point you can continue on or go back the other way a really really nice bit of kit and it works which is always a bonus but a good ten days till I can get the straps fitted grrrrrr how very frustrating…..

As soon as you involve more than one trades person there is always a hold up, I tried to get a builder, 2 engineers an upholsterer and a leather worker to all work in unison and it has to be said I failed miserably, above you can see the new layout in all its glory however the suspension is not installed as yet and once that is done no doubt the furniture will all shifty about but you get a good idea anyway….

New style suspension bas…..

Ok so there are now straps on the wheel, and a huge suspension with 4 electric motors, super slick and super smooth, but I’m going to make you wait till next blog to see that😳 thanks for your interest Speak or should I say blog soon Dr.Sara 💋