So all back from the holiday, batteries recharged, and as it transpires they need to be, I spent the last few days of My holiday booking in new appointments to the extent that I now have very little space left in July, we have been down the whole **Fully Booked** debate and what it usually means when people say it, not to mention the real meaning of it, but I am close to what I would call fully booked, maybe I should call it as busy as I am prepared to be, there are of course always cancellations and spaces left for things that when time comes actually don’t need a full day out, but hey it sounds like I am moaning which I very much am not!

Nothing whatsoever to do with Medical I know, but on the way to Breakfast on My last day, I walked passed a window and was greeted by this very handsome chappy looking for a snuggle and a snack, the latter mostly I’d guess, he brightened My day for sure and I was far from the only one taking pictures of him….Beautiful Creature!

So I’ll get on to medical from here on, just a couple of pics of Me on the beach saying a few words to My ole’ Dad and saying farewell to the boy, one human, one furry, both of who enhanced My life so much I would not have the words to tell you….2 beautiful souls….. ok moving on……

Ok, back to medical and some superb news, most welcome after all the recent bad news, I can announce officially that Nurse Amber is joining Me in the The Practice, whilst a couple may already recognise her from a few test runs we did, she is brand new but has a huge medical fetish herself and a real sadistic streak for those that like a little pain, that said one look at her tells you she can also be very sensual, isn’t she a beauty, absolutely stunning I think…..

I’m not the best at bragging, selling Myself, whatever you want to call it, and if truth be told I am most months so busy I find the time to blog and tweet and the like challenging, so often I have had things weeks even months and have forgotten to post about them, in this case years…this above is a feature I am unsure I have ever mentioned before, it is a hard wired moveable camera, the hard wiring leads to a TV screen which is pull out so I can attach the camera to any hard points around The Practice walls and you can watch in close up exactly the treatments I am administering, it is very much a marmite thing folks seem to love it or hate in and no in between….I’m not sure if there is another facility that offers this….credit where credit is due it was installed for me by @SlutJ who was at the time the property of @MistressKrush I assume that is still the same but have seen neither for some considerable time so don’t know, I hope so they were very well suited to each other

Erostek 2 of 5 currently at The Practice, these have become like the proverbial hen’s teeth to get hold of, on that front there may be something new to the market shortly, not I am sad to say an Enfettered product but I have had some input and will be a distributer, a few teething problems with battery life at the minute, but I have to say the couple I have so far had on test (😩now returned) were nothing short of awesome and according to *C* My most serious electric player, “Erostek on steroids” we’ll see as they say anything worth having is worth waiting for……

On a little moan, it would seem that the latest trend on good old Twitter is stealing pictures, so as you can see above I now have #1 water mark them all, I know it spoils it but folks just cannot be trusted I’m afraid…..sigh🙄

This double Nos bag soon destroyed the patient, it is so rewarding when you design something yourself to know it works and is so so much safer than a cream dispenser and a balloon , each to their own obviously but I always feel I owe My patients some duty of care #JustSaying These sorts of things are the things I say I forget to post, there are so many toy’s in here that I haven’t publicised at all meaning there is usually something new for every visit made even by My most regular regulars….

And just whilst I am having a moan about good old Twitter it would now appear we need to strategically place sunflowers or smiley faces over everything, it is I must say no bother to Me at all as I simply instruct #1 to take care of it, he however is moaning it is all becoming just a little tedious 🙄 will it settle down again or is it as a lot are suggesting just the start of the end..I hope not, whilst I am not a huge reader of Twitter time being the enemy I do try to find 5 minutes a couple of times a day and see what’s going on, keep up with folks that are far away but are friends who if closer I would spend much more time with…..back to good ole’ we’ll see I guess!

And so bragging of a different kind now, I am very pleased to announce another 9 lbs gone add that to the 16 lbs I have already lost to a total of 25 lbs only 3 lbs off 2 stone, so feeling rather smug with Myself, I’m not unrealistic I still have that and more to lose again, 5 years with no real metabolism takes it’s toll thats for sure, however I am well and truly going in the right direction and as I think I said before I am not as such on a diet, many many moons ago in another life #1 was a competitive bodybuilder so has forgotten more about nutrition than most ever knew, he has Me on a clean eating plan and makes wonderful meals, spagbol, pizza, banana bread, Fajita’s, lasagne and good ole chocolate cake, not to mention ice cream, My fav is overnight oats, he does numerous styles of those, oh and pancakes, it is often hard to believe that you can be eating like this and lose weight but the scale shows you that actually you can…life on that front is good!

So the month has nearly gone, it has in terms of being busy, been epic, it is never bad through the school summer holidays but I am expecting it to slack off a little bit, I always manage to fill any free time with other projects and of course I do operate more than one business so inevitably they are never busy and slow at the same time so always plenty to do, the picture above I posted as it is one of My favourite scrubs sets and having lost a chunk of weight I can now get into it again, there is much disappointment when you use a garment as a gauge and several times you try it on and several times it is too tight, then one day bingo! it fits again and that immediately makes up for previous tries and fills the ‘ole head with good vibes, not really news I just thought I’d share…😇

More new toys, a range from John Thomas who I think are the best, I know everybody has their on favourites but John Thomas are mine, what got me on to John Thomas was Sebastian, like a lot of the guys that are serious about anal Sebastian when he comes to visit Me always brings his own toy’s and it was through using his John Thomas collection My favouritism was born, Thanks Sebastian! I had until recently around 60 toys, some I just accumulated over the years and some I bought in a job lot a couple of years back when another Mistress gave up and sold up, being always short on space I gave them a good sort through recently and popped them on Twitter for sale, well 45 of them anyway, they only lasted minutes and were gone so I popped most of the money away and treat Myself to a few new ones to round up what was lacking in My collection after My sale….All I have to do now is not start collecting them all over again, easier said than done I think….😳

Just to finish off GenerationF has really taken off this year with many world wide sales, and follow up sales on the various attachments, I know I have published this picture before, on Twitter I think as opposed to here what you see is a whole new range of tubes which I call The Palucid range, not only do they look gorgeous they really are a seriously good performer, not on the site yet or on Enfettered, but fingers crossed by the end of next month the range will come off test and go live, thats the plan anyway, so until then as always thanks for reading, take care out there and fingers crossed I’ll see you soon….Dr.Sara 💋