Suction & Pulsation Suite

The Suction & Pulsation Suite powered by Generation F

When you visit, it is here you will have your initial consultation, having first been asked to undress and robe into your patient medical gown and wait for Doctor



Play the video to see this new facility 

Suction & Pulsation Suite and your introductory point to The Practice

When you visit, it is here you will have your initial consultation, having first been asked to undress and robe into your patient medical gown and wait for Doctor.

We will go through your medical notes that were initially made on appointment and depending on your treatment plan, may then leave the Suction Suite for the main Practice Suite, or indeed we may start your Suction & Pulsation treatment planned for you here. The Bocad Birthing bed caters for all patient positions, and will accommodate you beautifully encased in your heavy rubber escapism. 

Powered By Generation F, this room is all about deep immersive encasement, sensory overload, exquisite stimulation, rubber, suction and of course pulsation at its very best.

A Fetish Medical Suite.  A state of the art Medical Clinic for fetish medical treatments and procedures


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So thought I might skip a blog for November as I have already published a blog recently about revamping the small room at The Practice, but then thought I'd not get away with that, and on top of that as it said at the end of the blog there are still a few bits to come...

Small Room Re-Vamp

Ok so this will be a sort of small blog, not small in length but small in text and rich in photo's, I can see little point in trying to describe it when as they say **A picture is worth a thousand words** well that's my excuse anyway! 🤩 So everything came out,...


Ok so I am cheating a little bit, I know the coming month (October) is going to be busy in all aspects of My life so I am taking the opportunity to get an early start as today is actually the 30th of September, haha you'd not of known if I hadn't told you...I thought...


So I thought I'd start in a different way this month, I'm always posting medical pictures taken of Me in medical gear taken in My beautiful dedicated MedFet rooms The Practice, and always forget it was the dungeon that started Me off, I was doing so much breath play...


Ok so a little earlier on parade this month, only the 7th of the month and I have found time to start My scribblings of a blog, #1 found the picture above on Twitter, My feet fresh out of My shoes after a long session, some fresh air and toe splaying always make tired...

July already

So very very late on parade this month, I usually like to start and then add to the blog as the month progresses otherwise I tend to forget, I'm not sure if thats old age or just a poor memory, who knows, anyway I am pleased to say I have been so busy that I have just...

The Practice will require you to call or email our fetish medical practitioners, please introduce yourself with some ideas, or treatments that you have experienced and indeed enjoyed Read More….

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Disclaimer: All services are carried out at your own risk. The highest hygiene standards are maintained at all times. The treatments are carried out as part of a scenario and should not replace a professional treatment. This is fetish play Read More…

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