Blimey, the first week of May has gone on by already and this weekend is the first of two bank holidays, MayDay, I won’t be dancing round the May Pole, as per usual I have sessions booked in and am busy all weekend, in fact if all comes off in the diary I am busy all of May right into the first half of June….shocking…not really I am as always grateful to My loyal band of regulars who I see month in month out…..I am taking all the work as I am whilst building My sleeve having to turn down work to A. get it done and B. to recover so next week at the back of the week I am off one day and whilst I will be in work the next day as we have an all day private hire I will be on light duties…

So yesterday saw Me shut up shop for the day and it was Tattoo day for Me, it is often said you can not be a good Domme unless you have first been a submissive, what a crock of shit in My opinion, however I am very surprised at My own pain threshold although I have not a single submissive bone in My body, another 5 hours under the needle which without bragging is well within My pain tolerance shocking huh! Anyway again I waffle on, I am back on the 9th of May to continue up My arm and eventually have a sleeve that tells My life story, I am sticking to My decision to not reveal all till the end but here is another third ish of the 2nd third  as a teaser for those that are interested of course…..The next session includes my flying wings, a Valkrie and the horns of the cuckold…..keep watching out….

And so just to touch on the other side of My life I am still looking for someone to work from My beautiful dungeon, Fallen Angel Studios, I have been advertising it for around 3 weeks now and had much response to it, folks are very kind and write saying what an awesome space if only I lived closer, others live too far away to make working from here realistic and so I have had to decline a couple, others think they’d like to become a ProDom but need mentoring, very shocked they are when they realise mentoring isn’t free and not included in the very inexpensive £50.00 per hour fee….The joys of the internet i guess, everything is free but thus far due to the moral brigade there are no how to videos on YouTube and the like……So the search continues, I have no doubt I’ll find someone suitable but dread the inevitable finding 2 or 3 all wanting to come and having to choose……

For no other reason than it is My blog, I thought I’d also do a bit of Medical advertising, I am very much looking for a naughty nurse, or maybe if I get lucky a naughty lady who likes to play nurse and also likes to be the patient, is that you? it is paid work so thats a positive, are you near enough to Milton Keynes to get here for sessions, are you flexible with time and if not are you able to give static times you are available?, drop me an email if interested….

More sneaky time off to get My sleeve complete, so the lower arm is now complete and as you can see I have started to join it up now to My upper arm, again about a third of the third sitting, one more to complete and then I will reveal and do a separate blog to show you, it is very beautiful but i have to say very painful, I had thought #1 and the tattooist were bigging me up but I managed 6 hours yesterday which is apparently quite exceptional, not such a long one next time…….a full month before I can go back, that’s the price you pay when your tattooist is exceptional the buggar is always busy…..

So back to medical and back to bragging also, lots of new latex, above hoods, inflatable mitts and two styles of cat suit, quite a latex collection going on considering I am very traditional in the main, I get in essence what the guys ask for and latex seems to be flavour of the month….

And above even more latex, these are a first and an invention of the talented Mistress Miranda, should we call them MirandaBinders or what they are which is inflatable leg binders, they are awesome, superb quality, who will be the test bunny I wonder, no matter I’m sure you’ll all get a go given time….

And just to keep you up to date…..a ways to go yet but today I weighed in and another 9lb lost, I’m very pleased, if truth be told I’d like it all to be gone now, but it took 5 years to put on so to expect it to come off in 5 days is unreasonable (apparently) in the mean time #1 is a superb cook and I am still eating lots of very nice things so not noticing it is a diet as such, today also I finally started to exercise again, so fingers crossed next month the weigh in chart will show more nasty lardy fat gone……

I had a wonderful  night out on Saturday in Bedford with P I went to see the Bedford Symphony Orchestra and a real good night it was, I have a very varied taste in Music so classical is not unknown to Me but not a firm favourite either, however I thoroughly enjoyed Myself and as per usual i was working Saturday day time so couldn’t get to P early enough to take him for a bite to eat first, he was very galant about it but if you are reading P I would still like to buy you lunch or the like to celebrate your very good news…..

And just to finish on a tease, I will regards GenerationF have 3 major announcements before the end of the year, not always as quick as I’d like to be but I am always sure to get there in the end, there will be half a dozen or so not so major launches also but for now I will be keeping things to Myself just thought I’d keep you all watching this space…..

Anyway as always thanks for reading, and so far May is a busy month, surprising with 2 bank holidays but very busy so a sincere thanks to all that have so far been to see Me….take care out there and My very best wishes to you all Dr.Sara xx