Ah-ha….so here we go again, another month slipped on by, they say time goes quicker the older you get, utter nonsense of course, however I am starting to believe it, it if not true, seems so….So goodbye March, an absolutely fantastic month, lots of business which is always good, lots of visits which is great, met some lovely new folks, had a blast if to tell a truth! As always many many sincere thanks to all those that came and sessioned with me and the few I couldn’t fit in, my apologies are genuine……So thought I’d start the month with a bit more bragging, kit bragging, hopefully I don’t do any other kind, new style and ne inflatable mitts I have a beautiful pair that encase your hands, these inflate a different way, I’m sure you can tell how from the pictures, Studio Gum of course and of course via Enfettered because they come so much quicker that way…..Just a random picture of Me holding a gun, a Saturday Night Special I believe they call them…..made me feel powerful for a few moments if nothing else, probably a good job it was just a photo, I think If I owned it in real life I might be tempted to mischief…..so much in the world to get angry about at the minute……


And so just before I do finally get onto Medical, thought I’d share my Dr.Martin Collection which I am very proud of, very comfy, look good and great for giving #1 a good kicking, fantastic, on the shoes front I have about 40 pairs I am going to get rid of shortly so look out for your Mistress or if you are a Mistress reading and like me have a size 4.5 and so have shoes in both size 5 and size 4 I’ll be listing around 40 pairs, largely brand names like KG, mostly platform stiletto and courts etc…..I’ll probably put them into two or three groups and sell them as that but cheap, that way you get good value for money and if there are the odd pair you don’t like you can give them to the charity shop…..most have never been worn outside only in the dungeon, there is a very nice pair of Gucci boots in amongst…..No Dr. Martins though these are a recent fetish so I won’t be parting with any of them…..

Photo’s of one of my favourite play mates, and Medical…..well well well it didn’t take long did it….I have as always at the start of the month got most of My favs booked in for the month, apart from the fact that regulars are all this business is about, it is so much more fun playing with a regular, a relationship forms, you know where the buttons are and how to push them and there has been a journey to get there which is always good…you could of course argue that a newbie offers that journey to becoming a regular but at My stage of the game I have so many regulars there is very limited room for new ones, not everything is perfect…..not that I am complaining I have a good balance…..

So the month is half way through and yet again very busy, although to tell the truth there was a small patch with no appointments, Easter Holidays no doubt, folks away and those that not away have kids at home so can’t get away…..I am grateful for quiet times it allows catch up, I always seem to be behind somewhere in my life so being at evens or even being a little in front is always a good place to be….so next week I am again doing doubles with My good friend Mistress Miranda, Medical of course, a foreign client travelling to the UK which is no matter how many times it happens a real honour that folks with travel that far just to do a session with you……we are at The Practice on this occasion though we do double together on occasion at the awesome BDSM Laboratory, we don’t ever advertise but hey if it is something you wish and can afford just get in touch with one of us….

And as above, at this time we don’t advertise I am always available with Mistress Jane at My place or hers, I am there next I believe early July….so again if interested just ask one of us…….

It seems only yesterday My beautiful assistant Nurse Jolene joined Me in The Practice, it has been many years in reality and she indeed has her own bunch of regulars, a lovely lady and a credit to her self with all the abilities she has picked up…..I did used to have several nurses, whenever a new Lady started in the dungeon I would invite her into the Medical room and so in effect give her training (client based of course) not only free of charge but they would whilst not on full blown PD money get very well paid to learn, shocking how quick they mostly (not all) became a princess and didn’t want to work for less money, long term they then teach themselves a lesson, I charge £200 per hour for mentoring so if you look the gift horse in the mouth thats what you pay, or you travel further a field to learn, I sleep easy at night. Mostly because I no longer offer that opportunity….Anyway I am always on the look out for a naughty nurse, and I mean a naughty nurse, if you think you fit the bill do get in touch….

Not the best photo’s ever taken but you get the ideas i am sure most know GenerationF is My baby, often compared to Serious Kit but actually very very different, those that know know, so we  are renowned for all the colours we offer but have from the very start also offered polished  aluminium albeit milled rather than turned, and now we also offer Pellucid or in plain english see through, this started a few months back in basic tops and proved so popular I am now extending it to all the tops, given a little time all will come with pellucid as standard and then you will have an option to choose coloured extrusion or polished aluminium, anyway no point being the boss if you can’t also be the chief tester so having tested the standard tops they passed with flying colours so now onto the long top…..I can’t wait for the first one to want milking…..

Well just back from the Isle of Wight, I didn’t tell you I was going because I didn’t know  #1 texted Me when I was out at the nail bar and said did you know we have nothing booked in Sunday and Monday, the next thing we were in the car and on the way, it was lovely to see My Mum and go to the beach and pop some flowers in the water for My old Dad have a little chat with him in My head, it’s now Tuesday and back to sessions every day for the rest of the month, but bright and chipper and better for the break….The building in the picture is no more than 2 maybe 300 metres from the front door of where I stay….

Sat prepping Myself for the tattooist on Thursday, I am having a sleeve done, full arm, and have put a shed load of thought time and effort into it so it tells My life story, I am about 1 third of the way through, this week will see the finish of My lower arm down onto the back of My hand and onto one finger, then the next appointment will be all upper arm and possibly up onto and over the shoulder, dependant on layout, excited but also not looking forward to the pain, a pain puppy I am not….you can see above about 1 third of the 1 third so far done, I’m liking the idea of not showing till done, I will do a blog once finished explaining all of the elements for those interested….

Some great news yesterday, it’s something that goes with being a PD, you get regular clients and form relationships with them, attachments, involvement, call it what you will as in all walks of life you cross paths with people you like, one such client for Me is **P** he has been through the mill this past few years and yesterday announced he is now clear…..fantastic news, if you are reading **P** when we go out soon dinner on me before the concert I think…..

Ok as it says above, soooooo busy the rest of the month so will if time allows start My next blog, as for this one I have waffled on enough I think, day off for the tattooist tomorrow then I am working pretty much every day till the end of the month, thanks for reading, thanks for coming to see me…..take care nd look after yourselves Dr.Sara xxxx