It is still February as I start this blog, I was so snowed under with appointments in February I published early knowing I was only going to have very little time if any to write much more, it was if I say so Myself one of My poorest blogs, I will see if I can do substantially better this month, so lets start by saying a sincere thank you to all those that rocked up and did sessions with me, and apologies to those that I had to turn away as there was just no space in the diary, I might not have felt quite so bad if I’d not had to turn folks away in January also due to ill health, as far as I am aware there is only one who dipped out both months and I have made arrangements with him to make that up, so the end of the month is finishing well, I was very honoured to receive into The Practice and work with Mistress Baton we had a great time and discovered we share a fetish for Dr.Martin boots….who knew…

And just whilst I have your undivided attention, a huge thank you to **T** for the new Doxy,I am amazed every year at peoples generosity when my Birthday rolls around, I get so much I am definitely spoilt and as you all know I keep it to Myself and don’t plaster it all over social media and the like, I am humbled at the presents and cards I receive, thank you….Ok I’ll get onto medical soon honest!

So this back end of Feb really is the time for visitors, yesterday was the day an old friend, some 10 years now, Mistress Tess came to town, I am sincerely sorry i wasn’t there for the first hour, I was as always in session, but Herself and #1 get on great so no problem, many moons ago the good Lady worked out of My studio, and so watching her career to it’s current success has been a real thrill, this Lady has a serious work ethic and thoroughly deserves her place, like us all a few bumps and let downs along the way, but as the saying goes **If it was easy they’d all be doing it** Nowadays a super looking, multi skilled, dynamic Mistress with a superb studio of her own, I’m pleased to know her.

Back on the clean eating and slowly but surely losing weight again, I know slow but sure is the way to go but so frustrating whilst doing so…..I really need a wonder drug, not really, but I’d be telling porkies if I said it hadn’t crossed My mind, Any way any pound gone is a good pound gone unless of course it’s money….

More new goodies in The Practice, this time in the form of a beautiful Enfettered Canvas & Leather sleep sack, not everyone loves latex apparently, it is if I say so Myself very very nice and beautifully made, these can be bought in as many colours as you can shake a hairy stick at so something for everyone but not this one, it’s all Mine…..

And staying on the theme of new kit I treat Myself to some new heavy duty Aprons, again from the Knight@Enfettered range, the photo doesn’t do them justice and unlike most aprons these really are full length, it is 11 am as I type I can’t wait for 2.30 when I go into My session for the day so I can pop one on…you can just see in the background the new latex sleep sack and the patient gowns which you can be dressed in for treatments when you come to visit…..

So back to My friend MistressTess, you can see her here in My pride and joy The Practice, I had a moment of absolute madness and let her use it, I have never done that before, she did of course leave it in tip top condition and more than proved My trust in her was right….so just to let you know at some point this year I will be making My way down to her studio and we will run a GenerationF day together in celebration of the completion of her new medical room….exciting and always a pleasure to point out the many many pro’s of GenerationF over other milkers on the market….

I am off tomorrow and Friday the 14th and 15th, the 14th I go to have My sleeve done, that above is a hint of it ..I will say for now it will be on My right arm and will come down onto the back of My hand, I am often outside of the Dungeon and Medical room found in suits and I like the idea of looking the consummate business woman, which I am! but with a little bit of the real me spilling out of My jacket sleeve….thats how I see it anyway….The 15th by the way is for recovery, just in case it is needed…It will be done in 4 hits and I won’t be showing it off till is complete….

So the last couple of days before Easter,I am fully booked for the weekend, one of My favs in on Friday, coming to be beneath My five pairs of Dr.Martins, I shall enjoy that very much, Saturday whilst in session I have a workman in shelving and rearranging My workshop, only a very short (for Me) session on Sunday and Monday a little longer but not all day so I may get some hours off albeit not a whole day…..this whole month has been a whirlwind with regards appointments, I have worked every day barring the 2 days I took out for My tattoo, it is amazing, thanks to each and every one of you, I have never lied, I love My life and without you lot booking I would not have the wonderful life that i do have….Thank You!

And a lovely 6 hours spent playing with one of my Faves I seem to be gathering an awful lot of latex of late not to mention the inflatable latex it is proving very very popular especially the Enfettered 2 cylinder inflatable, it really is an awesome bit of kit, worth every penny and more, superb quality anyway io have waffled on more than enough, have a great easter stay safe and stay well and thanks to all that came to see me, I am more appreciative of you all than you’d ever know, thanks for reading Dr.Sara xx