So as I said in My last blog a bit of a rotten start to the year but 90% better now so as they say “all is well that ends well” February is as always a double whammy month for Me not only is Feb 14th Valentines Day it is also My birthday, I won’t be social media begging about My birthday month and trying to ponce presents, those that are close to Me buy for Me and that I am more than happy with, old school I guess, poncing is not a good trait where I come from….And just to satisfy the precious folk…. “Each to their own” of course…..I will be closed that day so you’ll not be able to find me for love nor money….A nice meal, feet up and some pampering will be order of the day, maybe a couple of cheeky orgasms if the mood takes Me…..

Ok back to bragging, yet again Latex, a very very nice heavy duty latex sleep sack and then an inflatable heavy latex sleep sack, not like last month StudioGum but this time round from Enfettered, not yet on the website but once I have road tested them they will be, quietly confident because a couple of months back I got the inflatable straight jacket and the standard straight jacket and both are superb quality and completely fit fo purpose, or is that **Does what it says on the tin** I love being the tester, been searching for a heavy Latex maker of a high standard for the best part of three years and now we have one…..There are many plans going on with him for a very unique product but I’ll keep My lips sealed for now…..

So Yesterday was the 14th, I won’t bore you with too much detail but for those that know not only Valentines day but also My birthday, So I took the whole day out and had a day doing just what I wanted, I can hear you say you do that most days and your not too far from the truth I have a superb #1 that very much facilitates that, the day started with pineapple jam on crumpets, we had been in the supermarket a few days previous and both commented **Blimey not seen that in ages** so I got a jar for My birthday when I wasn’t eating clean and macro managing, very nice it was too and brought back some great memories…a nice long soak in a very deep bubble bath and off shopping, I for at least one year knew exactly what i wanted, can you see above My very splendid new Docs, thats not actually them I have much smaller feet than that (size 4) but thats the style, I love them, by then it was mid afternoon and off to Nando’s just for no other reason than it was My birthday and thats what I fancied to eat……Home relax then later, much much later, birthday cake….a lovely day all in all….

More presents, don’t worry I’m not going to list them all and Know it’s not really medical but…….I have quite a large selection of Jewellery and and even bigger selection of costume Jewellery by Swarovski HB My #2 bought Me a beautiful ring, above to add to My collection, My sincere thanks HB you are a good boy….

So back to Medical and showing off some nice bits that are not birthday presents but are beautiful all the same so feel like presents, and hey I do get to use them on you lot that love a bit of latex and encasement along with your procedures, these look good on the work bench, imagine after they have been washed and shined, they will be stunning, who’s first?

Where are you all coming from this month? I can’t think I have ever had a February anywhere near as busy as this, I am very sincere when I say I am so sorry to those I am unable to fit in, I turned a lot away in the first three weeks of January due to illness, this month there are very few spaces left in the diary and I am finding Myself in that position of not being able to accommodate some, it is very frustrating…..

So something I am not very happy with, I guess it’s a sign of getting older and that happens to all of us, I now need glasses for reading and computer work grrrrrrr!!! Still looking half decent for an old bird or so they tell Me, but then some of you boy’s will tell Me anything to make Me happy, I’m not so sure!

More added to the Suite today. electrics….yummy we love electrics…..Enfettered of course looking forward to giving them a good run out…..I am actually bursting at the seams with electric news but must not, must not, must not open My big mouth and let the cat out of the bag there will be plenty to say shortly

Short and sweet this month, it’s been so busy i’ve just not found time, sorry, I’ll do better, For the many many cards and gifts I received, My sincere thanks and thank you also for all the personal messages via text and WhatsApp on the day it made Me feel very special…take care and as the board above says Dr.Sara xxx