So here we go again, a happy new year to you all thank you all so much for 2023 and already you are looking to make me busy in 2024, I’m not sure where all the appointments are coming from. Not that i am moaning you understand, I am really looking forwards to the year and there is much planning afoot on several fronts.

Just so you know I don’t have it all My own way all the time, the year started in a rotten way, I was as you know spending some R&R time on the Isle of Wight with My ole Mum and we had to cut that short and return home early having caught this rotten bug/lurgy call it what you will going around, whilst #1 made all the usual Mother-in-Law jokes we left so we didn’t pass it on at 90 years old one thing can quickly turn to another and another, I have stayed in touch and we got away with it, My Mum is still clear, #1 and Myself on the other hand….apologies to those who’s appointments I have had to cancel but believe Me you wouldn’t want this and I won’t session till I know I am safe to not pass it on to you….


So enough moaning lets get back to bragging, My ever increasing latex c collection, today I added a sleep sack and an inflatable sleep sack by studio Gum of course and in My beloved orange colour, If rumours be true I may have in the not too distant future a blue sleep sack and a blue inflatable sleep sack… this space and the truth will out…..

Well that was an experience it has to be said, I am now as it says above back in good old Blighty, fresh off the plane from Philadelphia a lovely little 5 day round trip courtesy of Philadelphia’s finest MistressRougeLove, what was I doing? teaching Medical,I started mentoring through My DominaSara site around about 18 months 2 years back and it really has grown into a small business all of its own… was a sell out I met some amazing ladies and the only thing that slighted it a little was My poor health, I went down with a rotten chest infection over christmas and I just can not shake it off……however a well worth trip albeit I am also glad to be home to #1 and all things familiar….

So this morning still feeling no better I tried to book an appointment to see the doctor….WOW that was a joke, I’m not one that is up and down to the Doctors every 5 minutes, I know I have been a lot the last 3 years with My thyroid but thats them sending for me, I have had this infection since boxing day I’m not thinking it is unreasonable to expect a little help with it now, I think it needs a little help to F**k off Myself but know phone 111 was the receptionists reply, along with half the world is ill at this time of year…..It is really quite shocking, the service there pre Covid used to be way beyond good, on a bad day it was exceptional….I wonder what happened, I get it with hospitals, time is time they were shut to operations on and off several years and now there is a huge back log, but your box standard Doctors surgery I really don’t get it….

So OK I will stop harping on about it now, My beautiful friend and No1 Nurse came to the rescue, we live only a few hundred yards from each other and she told Me about a walk in clinic, there I was this morning 7.30am and already a queue, however swift service I was home by 8.40, anyway apparently the cough with this current virus lasts 4 to 5 weeks I got Mine Boxing Day so thats near there and after an examination it transpires I not only have the virus but a secondary bacterial infection also, I now have some anti biotic so fingers crossed this is the start of the end of it all I really have had a gut full….


I know I mentioned these last month, a present from one of my favourites **C** well now I have had chance to use them they are awesome, i wore them the whole flight to and back from Philadelphia, not a squark, squeal or anything did I hear bar My chosen music, what an amazing bit of kit, so nice to get a present and even nicer when the present is superb, once again a huge thank you to **C** they really are appreciated and well used too….


The picture out of My window seat as I said a sad goodbye to Philly….I had a great time, the course was sold out which is quite a compliment I know, MistressRouge had looked after Me so well, I flew out and back British Airways World Traveller plus and on arrival I had a lovely suite at The Philadelphia Convention Centre, a blast form the past flying BA, I used to fly with them Myself many years ago, I was flying with BA as a Purser when I met #1 I popped in his gym to lose a few pounds and here we are 30 years later……Anyway I digress, the course was run over 2 days and split into sections, the ladies were great and very kind to Me and we all had a good time it’s nice to see some already advertising from what they learnt and have added to their web sites, I started mentoring about 2 years back, individuals and small groups it has grown and is a small successful business within a business now…..I am just sorry I wasn’t feeling better so i could have socialised, there was a car convention on at the centre hunky men a plenty but that was unfortunately the last thing on My mind….hopefully i’ll be invited back…..My sincere thanks to Mistress Rouge and everyone that attended it was a blast…


Ok I couldn’t go a whole blog and not have a rant about something, i think you’ve all come to expect more from me, so for those of you that operate your own web sites this will no doubt be happening to you, I operate several web sites, well along with #1 there is MedicalMistress, DominaSara, DungeonHire, Enfettered and GenerationF, I have also built web sites for many other people, every week I’d like to say but nearer every day I get emails saying we have overhauled your site and……You are not hitting the market you have low rankings in SEO and on and on basically saying **Hey your web site is shit, for a massive fee I can fix that for you** well to add much insult to injury invariably these emails are written in poor english, so even allowing that the email may not be writing in their first language a translator would have done a better job than the email send, and they expect to be taken seriously, and now the latest trick is a week ten days later they write again with almost an insinuation that you are rude not to of replied to their first email…..I must admit I have in most cases been polite again and just hit the delete button but every now and then I have had My say, funnily enough they then are very rude and don’t respond…….OK thats better off My chest…..phhhheeeewwwwww!!!!!


Just to finish off a random picture of My nylon foot on one of #1’s many chastity devices, I will have much news regards chastity this year but probably on My DominaSara blog that everyone had moaned Me into reviving, #1 celebrates 14 years chaste in November, 14 I feel is a nothing number maybe next year when it’s 15 we’ll celebrate it in some ay….we’ll see, anyway, take care out there thanks for reading Dr.Sara xx