Well here we are again, December, the end of another year and what a year it has been…quite probably short and sweet this month, December is usually up to and including the 23rd very, very, very, very, very busy then silence till the new year, well in Milton Keynes it is and always has been that way…..and even if it wasn’t I always take the rest of December and the first week of January out, I call it getting off the roundabout, a time to catch up on home life and recharge the batteries, I do towards the end of December start to answer emails again to set the diary up for the new year but other than that it is R&R….I am at the end of this year pleased to say that it is well and truly back to pre covid, some might say back to normal, whatever normal is,  I’m not sure I should even be uttering such words….anyway I am very pleased with it all but without a rant and a rave not so pleased, the more I read true figures and hear the Scientists trying to blame the politicians, the more I am convinced that whilst not a conspiracy covid was much more a panic-demic than a pandemic….why don’t they all just start to tell the truth, I think the answer is they don’t know how to, so off that topic before I start….

2024, I have so many plans I could almost write Januarys blog before this one, so do I spill the beans now or do I tease it out and tell you as I go….Oh the dilemma…You can all wait is the answer I have settled on


And Friday, oh My gosh I am wishing My life away till Friday, one of My very best and oldest clients has bought Me for Christmas, look above, Apple air pods max the photo does not do them justice, mine will be blue as Apple in their wisdom have, very stupidly in My opinion, chosen not to do them in Orange……aren’t they gorgeous?

So as if by Magic December starts in a fantastic way, I will be joined by My good friend Mistress Jane, in The Practice for a 4 hour double session with one of My most long standing clients, we work so well together and in 2024 we will be doing a lot more in both The Practice and The Fetish Ward, I’m looking forward to it very much, I will be doing several collaborations in the new year both in the Dungeon and the Medical rooms…..however who with you’ll have to wait for My January blog to see….

You should never forget to have a laugh, laughter along with a very few other select things is what makes the world go round….Boy-o-Boy did we have a laugh and also a superb session and hey I’m not so vain as to not post these truly awful pics of Me….shocking aren’t they, it was a delight to see My friend a delight to work with her and as mentioned above in 2024 it will become a much more regular thing. Look out for one particular event we’ll be hosting, one not to be missed…….

I guess I should post bad news as well as good after making a storming start to My change of life eating habits I have a fair few times fell off the wagon this past month, I have been very lucky though in so much as whilst I haven’t lost any more weight I also haven’t put any on, so it is super strict for Me now up until Christmas so I can have My roast dinner and Christmas Pud, I am almost forced into eating Christmas pud in large portions as I am the only one who likes it, well thats My excuse anyway, the same with ham, #1 likes Turkey of Beef I love Ham, it is at least if you cut the fat off good protein so…….

And here now ready for those booked in and those that come in January a beautiful inflatable straight jacket and a non inflatable one in finest 0.8 latex, very thick and luxurious and of course in the corporate colours of blue and orange, another two exciting pieces on the way, for one who is claiming not to be a gummy studio, that’d be me, I do seem to be building a lot of blue and orange lateness….oh well!

Quietly working away on banners and pictures etc ready to revamp My DominaSara web site it won’t hurt to share one with you, whats proving difficult is finding time to do it between appointments, I have millions of pictures but fancy I may do a couple of photo shoots in the early new year, I seem to have a lot of Me but very few of what I do and am capable of….I may just have to put that right….I have skillz dontchknow, lotza skillz……………..The same in the Medical room, I think a little girl on girl action, some me on men action….a revamp is just that a revamp so I’ll get on with adding in whats missing whilst editing down whats already there….Sounds like a plan anyway….

And today I have put a whole day aside to do the tax, VAT obviously is done quarterly, The corporation tax is paid……just the dreaded personal tax now, I was absolutely fleeced last year…..I’d like to say that was in My head but it was not, Fleeced I tell you….dirty stinking…..grrrrr no I won’t say it just in case he is reading…..A four hour appointment turned down today so I could get My accountant and so in turn the Tax Man off My case….a small reward when we finish a Chinese takeaway is the order of the day….so a four hour appointment and a Chineses takeaway I wonder should I claim the loss…..

Must admit as time draws nearer I am getting really quite excited to be popping over to the Island for Christmas, so many memories for Me I wasn’t born there but for part of My childhood was brought up there, #1 will cook so thats great as any who have ever sampled will attest, he is very cheffy and it fascinates My Mum that he makes things from scratch rather than use packets she like My good self is pretty below average in the kitchen, no guessing where I got that from but hey I have a #1 so as they say **Why Have a Dog and Bark Yourself** The car is serviced so no nasty break downs, the ferry is booked bring it on…

Another cracking day yesterday….a quite early session with one of My oldest clients, when I say oldest I don’t mean doddery ancient I mean been with Me a long time…..almost as I saw him out the door in walked My good friend Mistress Jane, she brought cake, bless her she is a superb cook, a Bakewell tart and a Battenburg we did manage to put them aside and went for lunch which apart from the superb company was also very very nice, Myself and #1 had Fish and Chips with mushy peas, we did have a big shared platter starter too….anyway we made plans, well made might be an exaggeration but we formulated several plans, one a very big one and have now set about sourcing bits to bring said plans to fruition….She left at 6pm and I went straight back into session, a long day by the end of it but a good day also, I am so looking forward to next year….

An action shot above of the inflatable latex straight jacket….thus far it is proving popular so all is good, I am going to fish here for the month, today is Monday the 18th, it was a major busy weekend, today we have sessions in Fallen Angel, I have a day off….then I session Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday….and I am done for the year, whatever you are up to this year I sincerely hope you get all you wish for and give all that you want! I’ll see you all on the other side with news of the plans for 2024, till then take care Dr.Sara xxxx