It took me a few days to really digest the session with Domina Sara; it blew me away, and I have to say, it was honestly the best session I have ever had, medical or otherwise.

Domina Sara is a true artisan, someone I look up to and have infinite respect for, and even though my expectations for the session were through the roof, She managed to exceed them by some margin.

I arrived at Fallen Angel Studios, and as usual, was met by a beautifully warm welcome from Domina, Tony, of Essentia Whips and the gorgeous Murphy Moo. I brought my sausage dog and he was invited to join me in the session. He goes in his bag and has a little sleep, as he doesn’t like to be far away from his mum.

I had a wash and was invited by Domina to strip down to a suitable level of nakedness to conduct the initial examination.

Domina Sara then strapped down my arms to the surgical bed, and left me momentarily to acclimatise to the clinic while She changed into Her medical attire. It is unlike any playspace I have ever visited; it far exceeds any medical facility I have seen or played in previously, and allows you to completely immerse yourself into the atmosphere.

When Domina swiftly returned, She was adorned in a classic navy nurse’s outfit, lovely nylons and a navy latex apron which matched the furniture in the clinic; what a lovely touch.

Initially, I was put onto a heart and blood oxygen monitor, and was informed that I had 100% blood oxygen, which was surprising and impressive for me, considering I have been a smoker for 10+ years. Domina asked me if I was particularly fit, and said that I had the resting (well, slightly nervous) heart rate of an athlete. I think the horse riding helps.

I would like to mention that throughout the session, I felt completely connected and trusting of Domina; She was always right with me, monitoring and taking me on a journey that I will never forget.

For a few moments, I was invited to focus on my breathing; it became slower and more regular as Her hypnotic voice calmed and excited me simultaneously.

Domina then explained that She was going to induce me with a mixture of carefully measured and monitored gases, mixed with oxygen, to take me right to the brink of euphoria, and boy, did She get me there.

The first induction was incredible, and it only got better and better. I took a deep breath in, exhaled and then Domina held on the mask.

As the mask was not strapped to my face, all the monitors were engaged, and She possesses a singular aptitude for the subjectivity and responsibility of breath play (as well as enjoying a wealth of experience), She was able to take me right to the brink of consciousness, and the only thing I can liken it to is levitation.

There is a level of intimacy with anaesthesia & breath play which is completely unparalleled. There is a very refined skill required to be capable of taking a person right to the crux of the subconscious, to enable one to confront the Id in a very Freudian fashion. Quite simply, I loved it.

We did 3 or 4 inductions of varying gradients in this way, culminating with my mind taking me onto a beach, holding Domina’s hand, with Her voice caressing me like the waves She described so aptly.

She attached some electric pads to my inner thighs and gently increased the intensity until it was a lovely buzzing, squeezing sensation in my groin area. It was just enough to be pleasurable without any pain or distraction away from Domina, and the control which She took over my most basic human need, breath, was phenomenally freeing.

We established that I am a ‘simple wave girl’, and then a second set of pads were attached to more intimate areas, and these were delicious. Again, the skill in executing a perfect electro session, edging and ebbing, was awe inspiring. However, Domina was not yet through with me…

Domina Sara then proceeded with more breath inductions, which were very gradually increasing in intensity, as She gauged my capacity for intoxication and subliminal consciousness. There was a subtle control, and a lack of protocol that made the session perfect for me. Domina was ever gentle and encouraging, rather than fierce, overwhelming or coercive in any way.

I was put into a beautiful latex body bag that matches the rest of the clinic’s fabulous furniture, and this added an extra element of confinement and restriction, which was heavenly. The icing on the already unrivalled cake that I was privileged enough to savour.

What happened afterwards is between Domina and I, but needless to say, I was left satiated but craving more.

We have already arranged our next session, and I feel truly blessed to have found a world class professional who is just beautiful, inside and out.


Domina also treats me to a special tutorial with Tony Essentia of ‘Essentia Whips & Floggers’ on my visits to Fallen Angel.

We take the doggies for a walk on the park, and I learned 5 new cracks in the space of an hour, and am getting proficient with both hands. Window wiper, figure of 8, back crack, overhead cracks and side cracks. (I am still learning the correct terminology, but I am loving every minute). I try to practise once a day, and I really enjoy the sound and difficulty of the whip. I hope to become a demo Mistress in months to come, and I am sure I will get there, as I have the most amazing team in my corner.

Domina and Tony are fabulous teachers; they push me, encourage me, calm me when the Adrenalin surges, and help me to best understand the art and subtlety of the whip. I have ordered some special 16 plait rainbow whips from Tony, and I can’t wait to wield them with pride.

Aside from kink, Domina and Tony are two of the kindest, most helpful, grounded and knowledgable individuals I have ever had the pleasure of calling my friends.

Love to You all, and I can’t wait to see You again on the 17th & 29th April. I will be offering sessions, so please do not hesitate to get in touch to do a solo or duo session with Domina and I. Fallen Angel Studios is a pleasure to play in, and I am itching to use all of the equipment, and that’s going to take a good few sessions!

Warmest, and with the utmost respect,

Miss Vivienne