So here we are, where is this year going to? it seems to be flying by, plans for this month afoot, plans for Christmas afoot and also going into the new year plans, it’s busy being a busy girl i’ll have you know….So before I forget, many thanks to all that came to visit in October, it was a very busy month. caught Me unawares it was that busy, not that I grumble about being busy, whilst ProDom’s claim to be many things we are all small businesses and should be grateful when busy…..just My 2pence worth of course

So November is a huge anniversary for Me and of course #1 on the 26th it is the anniversary of chastity becoming 24/7-365 a lifestyle choice for us, well by Me if truth be told, it was decided way back in November 2010 so on the 26th it will be 13 years the boi has been in his rightful place, he is at peace with it, his service is exemplary and I love it so all is well, staying on that subject and also in relation to plans as mentioned above….

The DominaSara blog will be returning by popular demand, My blogs have always been popular which I find quite shocking, I only ramble on if truth be told, especially here, yes of course there is some medical and new kit etc but mostly just Me having a good old waffle, the DominaSara one I can understand more, it was more factual and included My cuckolding exploits and such, a bit more nitty gritty, anyway I will be taking My usual 2 weeks out at Christmas and in that time I will be giving the DominaSara site a good overhaul it is a bit of a mess and pretty unclear as it stands, then going forward into the new year I shall keep this one much more medical and use the DominaSara one to give a more in depth look at My over all life and of course all things Mistressy   thats the plan anyway….

So new kit, corporate colours of course, and of course Enfettered not on the Enfettered site yet as they are on test with Me, the blue one now has a beautiful blue ring round the top of the housing like the orange one, attention to detail and quality is what it’s all about… blue is just N and is working very very well indeed, the orange one is N and also has a Goldman Halothane attachment so will do many other aromas also…they are currently in the main medical room but once I get the GenerationF room back in ship shape order I will be housing them there for those that like a little aroma role play with their milking….bloody builders, always they are busy but hey a taste of our own medicine as clients are always moaning at Me as i am so busy….Ying&Yang…..

Moving into next year, I will be doing more work with My good friend Mistress Jane, both at The Practice here in Milton Keynes and also at The Fetish Suite in Wiltshire we have done many collaborations in the past, all a huge success and so will be continuing that on, a rare opportunity in Milton Keynes, The Practice being the only Fetish Medical Suite in Milton Keynes…We will both be available in the Dungeon at both locations also….

New electro loops added at The Practice, it’s really great being the Enfettered tester, I’m not trying to hide I am Enfettered more trying to emphasise that nothing goes onto the shop before it has been tried and tested many times over, not just in The Practice but in Fallen Angel Studio My very beautiful Dungeon…..The dungeon is a real test as it is used by many of varying degrees of skill set so if an item passes muster in there it really is good to go….

Staying with bragging just for a moment some new gloves and feet in Latex, of course in My fav colour of Orange and isn’t My latex collection growing, not something I ever planned to do and yet here i am month in month out adding to the collection, I have some super bits on order but will wait to tell you when they arrive, i am excited….

A new stand to house the new Micro312 electric box….having played and played and played with this it is without doubt in My humble opinion the very best box currently on the kind of deserves its own stand I think and hey it’d bragging rights yet again, I really don’t feel comfortable with bragging……

At last Apple stopped messing round with the marketing and I was accompanied by #1 to Apple Milton Keynes he tipped up the thousand pounds for My new iPhone15Pro, that kept Me busy last night transferring everything over and signing back in, today I  have had a little play with the camera and can’t wait to get home this evening so I can have a proper explore of it…..I know it’s not everyones cup-o-Tea but as #1 always says I worship at the temple of Apple, it is true  #HappyBunny

So as the end of the month nears a little social on Sunday night for Me, I am off with #1to meet the Super Vet, I am a huge fan and he is appearing in **An audience with** type show just down the road from Me and so I’m booked and looking forward to it very much…

Thats about it for this month, it really has been a stonker, thank you so much to all those who have been to see Me, as always I really do appreciate your support, it is so much more than going through the motions or pretending to be something
I’m not for me, December is filling up already, I will of course blog again and release it before the festive period that way I can blog on My holiday and let you all in on My plans for 2024….I have many thanks for reading, take care Dr.Sara xxx