Well I got to be such a baggy mouth in the first half of the month I published and so now I shall see what news I have to tell you for the 2nd half of February I am maybe not going to type so much as the appointments are rolling in, I don’t want to brag and say too much in case I jinx it but this year so far has been mega busy.

In the other side of My life Enfettered is doing very well as is GenerationF, if truth be told GenerationF is doing a lot better a lot quicker than I thought so I am a little behind on orders, thats partly due to volume of orders but also from being so busy with sessions, Enfettered has some new exciting stuff to list with more in test but #1 like all of us only has 24 hours in each day so is struggling to keep up with *I.T* and admin….not a bad place to be in I guess but a little frustrating it has to be said….anyway in order to help cope with being too busy we are closing the Dungeon on the 27th of March and doing a re fit, painting, new kit, new floor 🤩🤩 Yes I was being sarcastic when I said **To help cope**😃

So all back from sunny Wiltshire and another rip roaring success, it is a great feeling seeing your invention in use and being loved so much, it really is, and seeing it in multiple use is just a whole other level….it was a great couple of days and I had booked to stay the weekend and turn it into a mini break, but before we left an appointment with a faithful regular came in and so the plan changed to get up and head home Sunday morning, unfortunately or fortunately depending on which way you look 👀 at it another appointment came in for Saturday night so we up’d sticks and came back for them…..There were two main reasons, 1/ both were regulars so I like to keep those happy, they are worth the effort in My opinion and 2/ I really did get a good kicking off the tax man in January so he nicked nearly all of last years savings, it’s like a little security blanket when its there and when it is not then it makes you feel quite vulnerable…..anyway……

On the upside when I returned the first session was also inclusive of My fav nurse NurseJolene, we looked swish in our latest matching uniforms embroidered with The Practice on the chest and our names on the sleeve….Laugh all you want attention to detail comes round and pays you back again and again and again in the reverse of sloppy which comes round and bites you in the arse….Don’t worry I’m not going to go into a rant about all the sloppy behaviour I see about the usual places, Twitter, FB, FetLife and any of those other horrible places you care to mention

I’m not sure when there is another multi milking session, or if there will be another one, the one we were due to do in May has now been replaced in the diary by an adult baby event, you can be assured i will not be attending that one😮 each to their own of course, however it won’t be long till I see Mistress Jane again, today it’s Monday the 27th and tomorrow she is here at The Practice with Me doing an all day session with one of My nice German gents of which there are a few😁

So as we come to lunch time on the 27th I have to go now and get ready for a long session in the medical suite The Practice tomorrow I am not about all day so for the 2nd time this month I’ll sign off, February has been yet another stonking month and My sincere thanks to all those that came and to MistressJane for her hospitality, I have to pinch Myself at how lucky I am to make My living the way I do, thanks all…. thanks for your loyalty ❤️

And finally you’ll be pleased to hear My last paragraph, I have to do it, it would be rude not to…a huge shout out to MistressJanes butler, yes you heard it right butler! Ratchet, his first attempt at Lasagne and he did a fantastic job, I’m sure i could find a cell to hold him captive in let out to exercise and cook, but I digress…..take care all and I’ll pen more thoughts next month DrSara 💋💋