So Feb already, WOW what a January that turned out to be, I’m not going to go back through records and check but either the best or close to the best January ever I have had I’d say..and had I not booked a few days out thinking it would be more quiet it could even have been better…So on to February a very busy month for me 🤩

Of course there is the 14th of Feb and valentines day, now what a good day that always is for us Ladies chocolate and flowers too, what I ask you is not to like about it, a sore wallet if you are a man of course but hey…..For those unfortunate enough to be in My inner circle, a bad day all round it is a double whammy day for them….

Double Whammy why I hear you ask, well because the 14th is also My birthday, As #1 says “My little love child” I look every time to check for sarcasm but he has perfected that straight poker face so I’m choosing to believe he means it…we don’t as such buy each other presents on Birthdays we have been together so long now it is really quite difficult to stay up with it so nowadays we buy each other something from Murphy which is always of great amusement and a card with paw prints and the like….it amuses us anyway!

So back to My thyroid I have talked about this on and off, I am back to the doctor on the 7th and I am pretty sure it will be either the penultimate visit or possibly even My last, depends what the good old blood tests say, I may have to have a slight increase in one med which in turn will initiate one more blood test and one more visit, I can’t begin to tell you how happy that makes Me I am feeling like a Fu**ing pin cushion on occasion, but I now weigh less at the start of February than I did at the start of January so yipeeeeeee!!! Update yup one more blood test it transpires this time the meds are right so just a check My kidneys are ok with what I am taking and at long last I can get on with life….

I am as they say “Shedding the Pounds” I can’t not have a moan whilst I am losing a decent amount of pounds per week I am absolutely pissing the other kind of pounds, you know the best kind, pound notes, boy-o-boy did the tax man get me good this year, the corporation tax was bad, the VAT is never quite as bad as I pay it quarterly but I must admit when I popped to the bank to pay My personal tax yesterday I could easily have cried….vurrrryyyyy unhappy I am…..😵

I do also have the above in February which I am looking forward to very much, I don’t and not for a lot of years now do many doubles, it is not such a good deal when you have your own studio as when you are renting, you invite someone to come and work with you, you get (in my experience) 3 maybe 4 appointments and out of four, three if not all four are your own regulars, so the Mistress you have sessions with goes off up the road with half of the days takings, as do you, then the three or four regulars don’t come back till the following month because they spent their money on the double, so a very temporary pay day, that is how I have always found it to be anyway. As I say and I can only speak for Myself not worth the trouble……However and there is always an exception with My very good friend MistressJane things always work out well for us, she comes to Me and we seem to of started a craze with the milking parties as they always go well when I go to her….trial and error I guess! but it works…

Just a quick note to let you know you can now pay by card, I know I announced it in My last blog so as an update it is proving very popular, I tend to get long sessions rather than the usual one and two hours and as you go up in hours it is more cash to carry around or arrange to get out of the bank so folks seem to be loving being able to swipe the card….

A little bit of needle play in The Practice this week, I like to make it as spectacular as is practicable so a little bit of suspension is always an added bonus, suspension is of course a huge stretch and stretch is much more the operative word, as you pull the points stick in which adds a little extra pain I do like to inflict a little extra pain whenever possible 😮

Something new for Me next month, I am getting quite adept at the mentoring now, I’m doing not a lot of it but at the same time quite a bit of it, more than I expected to do if honest, hence I’ve not really publicised it as such….Anyway it is always a pleasure to work with friends and so working with Mz L’amour as well as Mistress Jane will be an absolute pleasure, and a little different to working with Mistress Jane in her studio or together in mine….I did a whip workshop in Derby recently and that was a nice day so fingers crossed this will be the same.

So the day has rolled round, another year older and wiser, a few more wrinkles, a little less weight than last year and it has to be said I’m having a nice day, thankfully things in My household are never conventional

More philosophy, something thats been on My mind recently, My rule is to never get involved in spats on the boards and forums, everyone loves it for five minutes and then even when you are the one in the right it does you no good turns, I thought how true the above is and whilst it often takes a while it always comes eventually…thats where I have settled!

I think I may publish now, it seems I am really on a waffle this month so I fancy I can do another blog by the end of the month….as always thanks for reading, stay safe and stay well My very best wishes to you all Dr.Sara 💋💋