Consultation & Minor Procedures

The Consultation Suite

When you visit, it is here you will have your initial consultation, having first been asked to undress and robe into your patient medical gown and wait for Doctor.

Minor Procedures and your introductory point to The Practice

When you visit, it is here you will have your initial consultation, having first been asked to undress and robe into your patient medical gown and wait for Doctor.

We will go through your medical notes that were initially made on appointment and depending on your treatment plan, may then leave the consultation suite for the main Practice Suite, or indeed we may start some of the minor treatments planned for you here. The Bocad Birthing bed caters for all patient positions, and can be utilised for many of the initial preparatory treatments

A Fetish Medical Suite.  A state of the art Medical Clinic for fetish medical treatments and procedures


Clinic Blog

Monthly Report and My Dilemma

So January came and went and if I'm honest boy-o-boy was it a very poor month, whilst I'm not stupid enough to believe the crap I read on Twitter about how well everyone is doing, I am clever enough to of made some good friends over the many years I've been a PD and...

A welcome and a Reminder

T-Girl Trixxxe A.K.A NurseTrixxxe It's My third year now of Medical Mistress and in that short time I have been asked many many times about double sessions, some of you have had that experience with My good friend and partner in many things MistressJane The stunningly...

January End of Month

E Well a funny old month indeed, I came back off Holiday and hit the ground running the first week, where did you all go in week two and three, vurry quiet, and now I again can't keep up, hey-ho I'd rather see you than not so mustn't grumble.... Much going on here,...

WOW 2019 so far

Well what a year so far, we came back from Holiday on Wednesday the 2nd of January and starting Thursday the 3rd I've not stopped, proper hit 2019 running, isn't it always the way in life when a gentle jog is what you desire its a sprint that comes your way, mustn't...

New Year 2019

So before I go too much further, to all My loyal regulars, my semi regulars and those I have yet to meet, a very happy new year to you all..... So here we are in 2019 I'm all refreshed and revitalised after My normal Christmas Holiday and have I got some plans or...

Mad Panic

Haha, a bit of a misleading title, please don't worry there is nothing seriously wrong, nor is this my usual last of the year blogs before I go on My hollibobs, I will blog again before Christmas, probably a few times, I am though having a mad panic regards December...

The Practice will require you to call or email our fetish medical practitioners, please introduce yourself with some ideas, or treatments that you have experienced and indeed enjoyed Read More….

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Disclaimer: All services are carried out at your own risk. The highest hygiene standards are maintained at all times. The treatments are carried out as part of a scenario and should not replace a professional treatment. This is fetish play Read More…

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