Fetish Medical Play Procedures

Medical Play is something I have grown into over many years and explore with a complete immersion and satisfaction into these intense scenes and procedures. Infused with Bondage, always an accute combination.

BasiDisclaimer All services are carried out at your own risk. The highest hygiene standards are maintained at all times. The treatments are carried out as part of a scenario and should not replace a professional treatment. This is fetish play.

Basic Treatments

Shaving and Waxing

Blood Pressure Diagnosis

Vacuum Penis Pumping/Englargement

Suction Cups

Nipple Play – Clamps, Forceps, Suction

Rubber Straight Jacket Therapy

Sensation Play – Hot & Cold, Wax, Pinwheel

Temperature Check

Enforced Milking

Orgasm Control – Premature Ejaculation

Urology – Sperm Retrieval and Analysis

Forceps & Stretching

Foreskin Inspection & Retraction

Electro Stimulation Therapy

Violet Wand Therapy

Basic Dental procedures and checks

Intrusive Treatments


Uretheral Sounds – Rosebud, Hegar and Electric

Testicle Manipulation – Binding, Stretching & Crushing

Penis Manipulation – Binding, Stretching, Foreskin Retraction

Needle Play – top epidermal layer

Anal examination, Stretching, Dilation with Prostrate Massage

Electro Stimulation – Erostek and Violet Wand

Breath Control and Rebreathing

Anal Insertions

Scalpel Play

Castration Play – Elastrator and Emasculator

Spermatic tube manipulation

Invasive and Intensive Treatments

Anaesthesia and BreathPlay

Circumcision Play with Gomco Clamp

Saline Injections & Infusion

Bladder Wash


Needle Play – Corsetry, Body, Pulling and Electrics

Branding – cell popping

Breath Play

Scalpel & Knife Play

Sutures & Staples