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Happy NY and catch up

So I know yet again I am remiss with My blog, My apologies I do try but just get so busy, you really can't have it both ways, so before I go any further, a sincere Happy New Year to all reading. All those that visited Me last year thank you so much for keeping Me busy...

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Serious Kit at The Practice, and other news

I have as you all know always been a fan of the lovely folks over at Serious Kit, I have 2 milkers and more tubes than you can shake a hairy stick at, now I am the very proud owner of not one but two serious kit vacuum suits, not being able to make up my mind I went...

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More New Things & More To Come

Just again a very short blog to give a hint of the many things happening at The Practice at the moment, the last ten days and maybe a clue as to what happens in the next few weeks too, it really is all very exciting, well I think so anyway! I visited the delightful...

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A Visit From Sardax

Well I thought I'd just start with a random shot of My size 4's as i get so many requests, there they are in all their glory needing a good pampering and pedicure, maybe later today i'll see how the day goes and if No1 has time when he has finished for the...

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Back and Refreshed

Ok, so I'm back from My holiday, lots of walking on the beach so not a trace of hard skin on My feet, bonus, a nice brown colour and most importantly, refreshed and raring to go!   Just to add a little interest to this very short blog, a little display I keep in the...

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As you can see I have been busy with My two McKesson anaesthesia machines, paint and polish refers, both serviced and both ready for action...     My McKesson Simplor K inline model.....beautiful huh?   My McKesson Simplor K yoke system, I love them both, even more...

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