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End of the Month

So after much moaning and groaning at the start of the year it has to be said that the past month, May, was the very best of months and not just this year but for a few years, where did you all come from, and whilst I am at it, sincere apologies for the few that were...

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More of a DominaSara blog than a Medical Mistress but as it happens I actually did the workshop to enhance my rope work for my LabRat in medical session and so make things better for him.... Well what an absolutely fantastic day we had on Sunday, I recently...

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April Went by

Storming Month... Well I was quick to moan when January was a little on the quiet side so I guess I should be just as quick to shout **Thank You** as this month, April, was absolutely storming, many thanks to all who visited, and those that have already...

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Review from another Mistress

My Medical Session with Domina Sara on 8/4/19 It took me a few days to really digest the session with Domina Sara; it blew me away, and I have to say, it was honestly the best session I have ever had, medical or otherwise.  Domina Sara is a true artisan, someone...

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Another month passes

Blimey where did that month go to, things seem back to normal now, bookings etc and working away between appointments both Medical and Dungeon on our secret project the whole month just seems to of passed by in a flash. Many thanks to all those that came to visit me...

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Monthly Report and My Dilemma

So January came and went and if I'm honest boy-o-boy was it a very poor month, whilst I'm not stupid enough to believe the crap I read on Twitter about how well everyone is doing, I am clever enough to of made some good friends over the many years I've been a PD and...

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