It would be fair to say that Breath Control, Medical Breath Play and Breath Play in its many forms is something quite exquisite, the experience you give down the breathing tube is a connection like no other, in its delivery of effect, control and exposure of vulnerability and eroticism. All heavy immersive feelings, a saturation of emotions and sensations.

It could be a soft latex glove over the mouth, a rebreather bag attached to a black beauty anaesthesia mask to the intricate delivery of an anaesthetic machine, both surgical and dental, of which I have 11 anaesthesia machines, so quite a collection and fetish of my very own.

As an overlay to your clinical session, most patients seem to enjoy this, adding to the feel and authenticity of this fabulous clinical setting, a medical fetish playground, where you will find authentic medical equipment to expose you, nurture you, restrict, control, invade, intrude and share upon those most wonderful deep set dreams and medical needs…Dr Sara will see you now.

Please note ..I encourage you to have eaten something light 2/3 hours before your visit to me, particularly if your clinical session is longer, this ensures any nerves, adrenalin and excitement are harnessed to compliment your clinical session rather than hindering it on an empty stomach. I would like you to be fully hydrated, ideally the day before also, thus keeping blood pressure levels normal and you feeling great.

I do not partake in any asphyxiation, garrote, choke holds or suspended hanging.