A bit of a different start to the month this month….a mention of My other persona who most of you know….DominaSara

Mentoring is a relationship between two people with the goal of professional and personal development. The “mentor” is usually an experienced individual who shares knowledge, experience, and advice with a less experienced person, or “mentee.”

So as this is now a service I offer on My Domina Sara web site I thought I ought to give it a mention, I have only been offering it a month or so but already I am getting a small amount of bookings and a large amount of enquiries so considering other than to write on the site I have done zero promotion I am very pleased to know there is a market for it and that I would appear to be an acceptable face in that market.

I have had an amazing journey through the many aspects of BDSM, both as a private player for some 30 years and a professional for 20 plus years, I often feel there is little I have not at least tried and even less I could now see or hear that would come even close to shocking Me, and being way ahead of My time I have also been a real life Cuckoldress some 28 years or so. An aspect of the female led relationship you really shouldn’t ignore, there is the obvious physical pleasures but it is very much one of the most powerful tools to drive a submissive into a total power exchange and unsurpassed submission to you.

Long over due time to share My vast knowledge I think, I am really looking forwards to it

So July is here, the months go quickly so best I mention My next jaunt down to see My good friend Mistress Jane in her superb studio and Medical Centre, we did a day previously and it was such a success and more to the point such a good laugh and great catch up that we have decided to do several throughout the year, we are experimenting with two days this time as last go round we lost more appointments than we took just for no other reason than there are only so many hours in a day and a lot that tried to book dipped out, I have hired a lovely little Air B&B 10 minutes away and Myself and #1 will head down for a few days to make a break of it, obviously you never know till you get there but the place looks really good and is perfect for FurBaby Murphy as right out the garden gate is a two mile one way and five mile the other off lead dog walk, everyone in my little pack will be happy 🤩

So a picture above of the small room at The Practice, My GenerationF room, it is a huge success and I am in there as part of most sessions, having a room dedicated to the milkers and all their components makes me incredibly lucky I know, but still the drive to improve and evolve is never far below the surface and today after much thought and lots of scribbling I have commissioned what will become a dedicated Milking Bed, The Hellion will go into My dungeon and if it doesn’t fit in then I guess I’ll sell it, now the temptation is to tell you all about the design, but as it will be several months off completion having to fit in amongst the paying orders I think I’ll hold fire on that for a little minute, it will be electric I can say that and whilst it will have restraints it will also be very much designed for long milking sessions so will have a huge comfort element too.

Well as a fan of Micky Flannagan I have of course heard the expression **Can’t stop, I’m double busy** and now it’s happening to Me, I’m not really sure where you are all coming from but I’m struggling to get any time to Myself this month, not that I am complaining of course, 1/ I love what I do so am always happy to play & 2/ After the last couple of years it’s just so nice to know you still have a business…I think like most this whole year is about recovery, putting back what was used to stay afloat during all the lock downs and just generally putting the house back in order, I have spoken to many and all are saying the same, roll on next year when we can all get back to that good old **Progression** start to grow and evolve, improve…..I am missing that, 2 years of treading water and now a year of putting back is enough….

Still early in the month but I must confess to having a jolly day yesterday, so what is a jolly day? a day where I do no work and have a lovely time, often referred to as being On A Jolly, Yesterday it was in the form of a visit by My good friend Mistress Jane, we did work of a fashion, 1 lucky client had us both give him a breath play workout, a learning experience for Mistress Jane to take back to and offer as a service at her stunning medical room The Fetish Ward. boy oh boy, as a friend I obviously knew she was intelligent but she really shocked Me with the way she absorbs knowledge ,like a sponge a real quick learner, if you are looking for aroma’s and breath play she has now added it to her already long list of skills and will be offering it on the menu in The Fetish Ward from August on as soon as her rigs and machines arrive🤩…..not so many people know but she is also a very very expert cake maker, she brought with her the most delicious coffee cake and the only thing wrong with it was it didn’t last long, I thought as I said “Anyone like a slice” that I was making a mistake, they all said yes….bugger! I won’t make that mistake again….

So for those of you who wonder what I do between sessions, well attempt to come across things that will make your sessions even better of course, so today, Mid July, I have been interviewing ladies who are interested in coming in The Practice with Me and being My assistant, I already have My beautiful NurseJolene as you know and I love her, however she is only available at certain times as her real life gets in the way of her being here full time, 😟 So I don’t actually know yet but I may, just may have found someone to join us, very liberal, gorgeous looks and could be available most times so fingers crossed we may have a new member on the team 🤞🤞🤞

Well here we are mid month, and I am melting, I know we shouldn’t moan but this is just too hot for Me it has to be said, if this continues I am going to have to invest in some air conditioning at home, the Dungeon and the Medical rooms are good both have huge fans….we’ll see, I get to the stage most years where I’m just ready to press the button and bang it’s all over, amazing how quick you forget and then of course as is traditionally British it’s on to moaning about cold feet 😇 oh well!

So the end of the month is nearly upon us, it started busy, it stayed busy and boy oh boy it is finishing busy, tonight I am here till 9pm and yet again appointments every day including the weekend, today in the daytime however I did manage a mini jolly of a fashion, I finally got Virgin Media out of My life I started out with them when they were NTL then they were Virgin, now they are still called virgin but are owned by someone else again….In fairness in the main I have had no trouble with them, the broadband is super fast and I did have over 200 plusTV channels to watch, and probably some I never even knew I had, and that was my problem I watch about 7 maybe 10 hours of TV a week, it was just a waste of money so now instead of 80 odd squigglies off out the door every month just £23.00 for broadband a tenner for prime and I am all sorted, the Netflix and NowTv I can buy a month here and there when I have my hollibobs, anyway the new hub is gorgeous it’s almost like an ornament sat on the side, the speed is super quick and my bargain Prime 4K stick I bought on prime day for £22.00 so I am all sorted and happy…..Anyway how was it a mini jolly…..well read below

Like all good broadband providers you get a time slot of 8am to 1pm, so a nice lay in, coffee and a chat, then for lunch #1 cooked a beautiful Chicken Korma, very nice it was too as was the leisurely bath and getting ready to come over to the Studios rather than the normal manic rush out the door, so now a 4 hour appointment in My beloved The Practice the bonus being it’s with a regular I am very fond of, so albeit a late night a very pleasant night also.

I know again, it’s the same every month, but I do mean it and I wish there was a way to make you understand it is sincere, a huge thank you to all that came to visit Me….I really am very grateful, I love My life and the way I make my living is a large part of that and not possible without you so thank you, thank you, thank you! You know just a little story to finish off a very good friend of Mine JT we’ll call her a few years back did a bit of a hide in bed, for a few days only she is a very strong character, so once I had told her off for not calling I asked her why and she said to Me “You know Sara I just got up one morning and forgot to remind Myself just how lucky I am” it has always stuck with Me and through the month as I write little bits to you and at the end of the month when I am signing off I always think of that story and know I am indeed very lucky, so one last time Thank you!, Thanks for reading stay well and stay safe Dr.Sara 💋💋💋