So May came and May went, all in all a decent month, a little skitty towards the end, bank holiday and the soon upon us Jubilee weekend, a bit of Putin maybe, who knows, don’t feel sorry for Me I got a good wage but all the same it could have been a better month, any way it has now been and gone so there would be no changing it, Already it is June and already I hop up and down wishing My life away to the 19th when it is off to the beach and fingers crossed a bit of sunshine to go along with the lovely location, a catch up with My ole’ Mum and a walk on the beach where I spent so much time with a beautiful man no longer with us, My Dad, he taught me to drive there and generally taught me so many other things in life to. I miss him every day and where we go is where I feel close to him….

So just an observation you understand 😂🤣 They say…. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, they then forget to add….but it reflects the lowest level of intelligence and imagination, it’s always sad to see some people in the scene have not a single idea of their own, beyond pathetic, in My not so humble opinion…..anyway enough said….

So no bragging about new kit this month, but yes, there is some, which I am not going to mention, however I have just commissioned a set of electric insertable butt plugs, they look nothing like the ones in the picture above but I hope will be a more friendly shape for an easier entry and also a wonderful internal feeling, we’ll see, once made I will be looking for a test bunny….if they work out which I am pretty sure they will then I plan an extra small right through to a stupid big range….watch this space..

I had a really lovely day out with Mistress Jane down in Wiltshire, so nice that we will be doing it again, I think I said last month by the time I got to publicise it Mistress Jane had already sold it out and by enough to fill three days so the plan is next time we do it we’ll run it over two days to fit everyone in…We had great fun playing with the GenerationF Milkers and those on them had a great time too, it was also a golden opportunity to do a bit of breath play, a grand day all in all…I’ll just say watch out on Twitter and the like to see when we will do our thing together again….

Staying on Breath play I had the opportunity to use the rig above whilst in sunny Wiltshire and boy’o’boy they do work well if I say so Myself, obviously nothing works quite as well as an anaesthesia machine but this it has to be said is a very very close second…..

Ok so the weekend is upon us, I can’t not mention it, so My good old regulars have decided I am working Thursday/Friday/Saturday & Sunday so I won’t be at any street parties, however whilst I’m not exactly a Royalist I am very much not a Republican either, I think the Royal Family very much have their place, they generate a lot more money than they cost and quite frankly I am sick to death of all the pulling down of statues and the like, your history is your history, I’m sure we all have some regrets but you can’t go back and change things, once something is done or said then thats it……So not strong feeling by any standard but when the referendum comes regards the Royals which I’m sure it will I will be voting to keep them….#JustSaying 🤩

So the hi light of the weekend, obviously, The Queen with Paddington Bear and the marmalade sandwiches….superb and so good to see her still with a sense of humour and able to take it out of herself….good on you Betty! And just as an aside can’t Brian May play that guitar blimey he was amazing….

And so the end of the month draws upon us, I am back from My Hollibobs and much refreshed, straight back into a busy patch of sessions, no easing back in a full week ahead, although I have lost one appointment already through the bloody rail strike Thursday….My beautiful furrbaby Murphy is exhausted after much swimming and walking and sleeping most of the day, no doubt a day or two to catch up and he will once again be in full on hooligan mode🤩….bless him, thats about Me for this month, thanks to all that made it a worthwhile month by coming to visit & thanks for reading Dr.Sara 💋💋💋💋