Well well well already it is May where is this year going, it seems to be flying by at 100mph, April ended up not too shabby overall a little slow the last week, see some of us PD’s do tell the truth and say when we have a quiet patch..overall a not bad month at all, used some down time to catch up on everything, I’m pleased to say the VAT, Corporation Tax and Personal Tax is all done and dusted, the accountant is paid, I know it all just starts again but at least in a worst case scenario thats me all paid up till a year January. And don’t worry it’s not that I am holier than though and believe in the tax system but I get it done and dusted as early as possible after learning the hard way what happens if you leave it to last minute…

Getting excited for next month and a welcome trip away to My beloved Isle of Wight, some R&R and chat to My ‘Ole Dad on the beach we shared so many times together on…..Mum is still with us at the ripe old age of 88 and still as bright as a button so great to catch up with her also. The fur baby loves it too and shakes seaweed ferociously and chases the sea gulls, we do nothing, the Micky Flanagan style **Proper Nothing** and it is magical….. I can’t wait…

As you can see I am working with My good friend Mistress Jane this month, we are sold out and if honest I am shocked😵 I know you see lots of ladies advertising double Domme days and I can only say they have till now always been a complete wash out for Me, and the numerous Ladies who have sessioned from My dungeon, although I have seen posts to the contrary 😂🤣🤣 the day was more about something else than trying to make money so we are both working for much less than we normally would and My best guess would be thats why its filled up as it has….Still a day and an evening in good company and a days money I’m not grumbling….

As some of you know at The Practice I have the UK’s only room dedicated to GenerationF and all it’s gadgets and wizardly things, Surge & Rhythm at it’s very best if I do say so Myself, adding new things to the range is so exciting, I now have 13 tubes or as they are known P.E.T.’z Penis Encasement Tubes, 4 of which are in effect two tubes as at different lengths they create different sensations……Currently I am working on adding to the nipple range, and am very excited to have two styles on the market already but both are electric, what I have been chasing is a set that actually work giving both Rhythm & Surge as well as electrics and think fingers crossed I have at last managed that. The Ladies range is also very much coming together so exciting times, in the interim I am very happy so far so good with My sales, it seems to be very much catching on…Have a look below…..

So a rare weekend off for Me this weekend just gone the 14th and 15th, not only the weekend off but a little trip to London with My gorgeous lover Mr.B it was fabulous Saddlers Wells for the Ballet and a little bit of debauchery also 🤩 it would have been rude not to with such a magnificent man….

A little bit of culture in the form of Casanova the ballet, a beautiful room at the Hilton….heaven! The Hotel was good, the Ballet was good, dinner was good and My man was better than good it has to be said….

A little teasing kept things firm throughout the evening, My little size fours coming into their own to get the job done, there were of course many other body parts involved once out of the public eye, it was a night to remember and as a bonus a good cuckolding for #1 and HB never goes amiss to drive home their position to Me.their place in My life, My control and power over them…..

So it is today Sunday 22nd of May, nearly Tuesday and My day with the beautiful Mistress Jane has come round, the day is fully booked and till 7pm in the evening, only for a friend I tell you, anyway #1 will cook, home made Samosa and Chapati along with Chicken Korma and coconut rice for Myself and **S** Mistress Janes man 🤩 For Mistress Jane and #1 himself a nice veggie Madras, he is going to cheat and buy in some poppadoms, a nice finish to the day for us all to be able to sit and have a nice meal together..

A good job they are not relying on Me to feed them, it would be a definite case of I’ll pay where would you like to get your takeaway from 🤣😂🤣 Any way I am looking forwards to it very much, I don’t often Double Play other than the Ladies who Nurse for Me in the The Practice of course and occasionally My stunning little Jolene who sub’s to Me when clients like to see me putting her through her paces 😇 I’ve always enjoyed a little Lady*on*Lady play it has to be said 😮

This is all getting a little long winded now, well I think it is, having said that it will be short and sweet next month I am on My Hollibobs for a large part of the month, and so looking forward to it, #1 and I call it our **Getting off the roundabout time** it is so easy when you are in business for yourself to not have time off, especially in the early days when it is all new and you always think it won’t last, once you get established and get a little money behind you then it is much easier, I book all My time out at the beginning of the year now or before you realise it you are at that stage where you have not taken any time for several years, I book two lots of two weeks and three long weekends for #1 and Myself then I have a very generous lover who takes Me away to some beautiful Air B&B locations but still we can end up 4 or 5 even 6 or 7 weeks on occasion since a day off so it is just as well I schedule down time in…Any way as time comes closer I am so looking forwards to some time out….

Well all back from Mistress Jane and what a fantastic day it was, she had me stripped and re dressed within minutes of getting there and kept me busy into the evening with a nice space between appointments a busy day but a good day was I believe had by all….#1’s curry went down well along with the home made samosa’s and chapatti’s so the question is should we do another day or maybe two, I had been feeling very guilty as Mistress Jane organised it and by the time I thought to start promoting it she had already filled the day, interesting after what I wrote above about double Domme days she says she could have filled it three times over and that was before a couple of her regular clients that also wanted to attend, so maybe if we do it again we should stay over and do a two day stint, let me or Mistress Jane know if that is something that may interest you and we’ll set a date if we get enough response, you can contact me at medicalmistress@yahoo.co.uk or Mistress Jane on mistressjane4u@hotmail.co.uk or you could get inventive and check out our sites and phone 🤣😂🤣😂 we did a huge amount of breath play but also a large amount of milking using the GenerationF Milker a random picture from the day below 🤩

And that really is it for this month, sorry it’s all long winded, I can waffle on at times, next month will be very much short and sweet as I am away for the latter half of the month, take care out there and thanks for reading, for everyone that visited Me here and in Wiltshire my sincere thanks to you all…..Dr.Sara xx