Ok so March came and it went, all in all a very good month, so once again many many thanks to all those that came and sessioned in both The Practice and Fallen Angel Studio My beautiful dungeon, After a little sabbatical AlphaDivine made a return to work, don’t worry about her, nothing untoward just good old real life caused her to take a little time out….and so the month was a busy one….

The 2nd of April was a very very important day, a lot of you have met My beautiful FurBaby Murphy, the 2nd was his 7th birthday, it seems only the other day that I picked him up, a tiny little fur ball, life one big adventure and coordination test, not much has changed as such he still thinks he’s a puppy and still acts like a puppy too…#1 does the same every year, not the bunny fingers in the picture although he does that too, he gets him a rib eye or a T-bone steak and a sponge cake, he likes his steak cooked medium rare and his sponge just that no jam or cream just sponge cake, So after devouring his own he started in on both of us so I’d guess two full 1″ Rib eye’s by the time he was done, only a small slice of cake he was too full 🤣😂🤣😂

So before I even start writing this I’m pretty sure some as they read will scoff, so many ProDom’s telling porkies is what I blame, however it is true the first time this year we took a whole weekend off, it just turned out that way, I could have taken sessions on Saturday but didn’t as it was Murphy’s buffday, and Sunday I didn’t have any sessions to take so a lovely weekend at home and very much needed too! Other than that this year we have had 3 days off so 5 in total in the 3 months so far gone, I’m not looking for sympathy I could of course take a day off as and when I wanted being self employed I choose to work round My clients and in Milton Keynes the weekends are always busy, if ever an opportunity arises for a day off it is usually early in the week Monday or Tuesday, then if honest it’s not much of a day off by the time we have done the Tesco run, cleaned the house had a cooked meal it’s gone with not much feet up for either of us….Again no complaints, we book regular holidays and do our R&R then so it’s all choice….🤩 #JustSaying

So it is only the 4th today and this week is all about refurb and Tax, The Practice got a face lift over Christmas a lick of paint, lots of new toy’s and some upgraded upholstery right through, so now it is time to lavish some love in Fallen Angel, paint, yes of course, I’m sure you can all guess it will include some orange 😵 New toy’s, all the time whilst I spend much time bragging here about The Practice I can’t remember the last time I did a DominaSara Blog so yes lot’s and lot’s of new toys all the time, as a for instance I have just installed a GenerationF Milking machine, quite a big toy….Anyway back to the refurb, a lick of paint, a rearrange of the bit’s in situ and as said in another blog My plan this year is to change out all the furniture in there with top of the range Enfettered rather than the mishmash of prototypes currently in place, very fine prototypes most are but nothing like we now sell so a two fold thing really, better furniture for us but also stuff to show folks looking to buy …

On to Tax, just about to do this week the end of year personal tax, deep joy but then also by the 21st of this month I’m due to submit the latest V.A.T figures, no doubt in amongst it the accountant will ask for a submission for our corporation tax but so far so good 😊 it sometimes feels like you just work for the taxman, but at the end of the year well worth it in comparison to a P.A.Y.E. position so mustn’t grumble!

So, as we are in Easter week rapidly approaching the Easter Weekend I was kind of, foolishly as it turns out, expecting a little quiet patch….not only wrong but massively wrong, where are all the emails coming from, I have spent near the whole morning answering them and am just doing a bit of blogging as a kind of respite, 15 left to answer, then the dreaded replies, you always know they are coming….after the last two years we mustn’t grumble and really I am not, just grateful that they are there to answer with a little thought to how many there are….no rest for the wicked they say and I have never denied being wicked thats for sure….

So a lovely surprise yesterday a visit from My lovely Mr.B My lover, looking very yummy and hunky, had nature not been against us I would have ravaged him as soon as he walked in the door but had to settle for lunch instead ☹️ a very nice hug and a good old snog as we waited for lunch, I may have to summon you soon Mr.B I’m not sure I can wait till our May Day away in London 🤩 🤩 I think maybe just a little more regular than of late in future, and definitely some better timed pop in’s💋

And still this is going on, I really try hard not to post anything politics, and I’m not going to rant but surely we can do better? Much better!

So the VAT is done and submitted, you’ll hear the wail wherever you are in the world when the bill arrives, so rather than jump straight into the personal tax I thought I’d do something a little pleasurable and have been taking pictures for the accessories page on GenerationF When you order new liner you’ll also receive new *o* rings, tube cleaner and a gel I use to help you reassemble your tube….you’ll be able to buy them single in three’s and also of course in standard and electric….Looks pretty good if I say so Myself…

So Saturday sees a visit from My friend and occasional partner in crime Mistress Miranda…looking very resplendent above in her BDSM Laboratory, always a pleasure to see her and catch up, a nice break to the weekend which for Me is yet again all about work, although I am hoping for a couple of early finishes in the next 5 days before real life resumes after the Easter break…..we’ll see, someone will no doubt cock it up, it’s what usually happens…..

So the end of the month is but a few days away and I feel I have waffled on more than enough for one month so another good month, I’m almost frightened to say it but here it is pretty much back to normal after the last two years, fingers crossed it continues on, as always thanks for reading and I’ll do My best to blog again next month….Cya Dr.Sara 💋