Well what to say, it’s March already, February came and went, a strong start, a lull in the middle and a very strong finish so all in all not a bad month, not said it for a little while so here it is “My thanks to all that come to visit Me at the Practice, it allows Me to make My living doing something I genuinely love and for that My thanks are sincere” So last month My birthday and the big Valentines day, I hope you all looked after your loved ones, I was very pleased with My day, this month the onset of spring, well so they say….

So far no sign of spring and it is the 3rd today, yet again the weather man gets it wrong….have you noticed with some jobs getting it wrong seems to have no effect, weather man…pffffttt rare it is they get it right, and how many times have we heard on the news a top economist estimates….and again pfffft so what about the representatives of S.A.G.E….how many times did we see them on the news and they not only got it wrong but massively wrong, if you get it wrong as a ProDom you end up with no customers, doesn’t seem quite fair….don’t worry I’m not going off into a rant more a #JustSaying kind of observation…Anyway whatever I say the weather is miserable at the minute🤩

So my plans for the future, I am going to, over the next 12 to 18 months replace all the furniture in My dungeon, in My other guise as Enfettered I recently installed this in My good friend MistressJane’s superb new facility and it has to be said I want one, I have near convinced #1 it is a need more than a want🤩 so that along with a few other bits will be getting replaced, the stuff I sell from My dungeon usually gets snapped up quite quickly so if you are looking for a revamp or looking to treat your Mistress drop me an email and let Me know then as I replace it all you can have first refusal…..

So you will have seen and read My last blog all about GenerationF My very own invention of a fashion….so have a little look above at the video and see it in action…..I’m very pleased with it and it seems to be getting good reviews so far….it is an on going project, many more tubes currently either in production or done and on test, lots of nipple stuff and a section for the ladies also, then a big reveal but that will be a long while coming yet….gently gently catch the worm as they say…..so in the mean time look at the captured worm above and enjoy👍

And so back to bragging again, look what I just pushed the button on….a beautiful set of noise cancelling headphones for all those that love a bit of sensory depravation in The Practice, blue of course to comply with My OCD and match the rooms 😇 who is going to be first?

Staying on the bragging trail, another addition to The Practice this month, silicone Arm and Leg Binders, not padded but lined for comfort, modesty panels too 😮 a little restraint for your procedures….I love them…Another stunning change in there too but I need to take some pictures to show you so a bit further down the page I’ll be bragging again….

On to a more personal note, My lover had arranged to take me to the ballet at the back end of last year and the dreaded Covid put the spoiler on it, in a lovely phone call yesterday we have now rearranged it for May, I am very very excited, a little culture and a lot of debauchery what a perfect mix, look out London in May I will be in you. No graphic detail for you readers but I will let slip My time with My lover is treasured and always, always enjoyed to the max, a wonderful man!

So as you can hopefully see from the pictures above I have changed the lighting system, gone are the strip lights on the floor and they have been replaced by up lighters, I’m all about the white at the minute but worry not if you like I can still turn it many colours including blue, red, orange green purple yellow and on and on….looks pretty swanky in just white though I think!

So the month is getting on, near half way through already, where did the time go, Wednesday, the 9th I think it was, a late finish here at The Practice a film crew in, no I haven’t started filming again, I can’t see I ever will, way too time consuming and uncertain money if any, I’d rather just do sessions, staying on that subject I hear on the grape vine Clips4Sale have just introduced a load of new legislation making it near impossible for the ladies that film to get their clips up and loaded, more big brother content censorship, I can see in a couple more years it will all be underground, Crypto Currency and the Dark Net….Anyway yet again I digress My film crew were here to film all the promotional stuff for GenerationF and some instructional stuff also, each kit will go out with a dongle so folks are not struggling to understand it and can refer back to it…..I must admit I hate being in front of the camera but it turned out ok so all’s well that ends well as they say 😇

So I can’t not mention it can I, WTF, How did we let that happen and when I say we I mean us and the rest of the world, we allowed him to move everything into position and then when he was ready as everyone predicted he came up with some feeble excuse and started in on them…..so many dead bodies on the news, so many horror stories but hey not to worry we have frozen a few bank accounts and seized a few yachts that’ll make it all alright in the long run I’m sure! I appreciate it is not quite as simple as it may appear but from the outside looking in I for one feel a little shame we are not doing more to help…..so there is My 2 pence worth….

On to better thoughts, the great thing about being involved with Enfettered is all the new products and then in turn testing all the new products, #1 I think is not so keen and refers to it as taking one for the team 😇 poor fella has been chaste since the 26th of November 2010 so testing cock tubes and milking machines can be challenging for him I’m sure, but you don’t have a dog and bark yourself when all is said and done, so suffer he must, above is the Gen Hub which is all I am saying for now, I have run some tests on it but will test it properly on Tuesday when I have a fav patient in My Guinea Pig, so I will with consent put this amazing bit of kit through it’s paces and then perhaps I’ll share what it actually is, looks cool though HUH

So not something I would normally get involved in as you know, I have done the odd double with My good friend MistressMiranda, and have been threatening to do a day with MissJuliaTaylor for quite some time, I see various Mistresses saying they have great success with it but in My own experience they are never very busy days and often the day doesn’t attract anyone at all, it is just too expensive for most…So why you ask, well because Mistress Jane is an exceptional being, and she has priced it realistically I like her very much and because for both of us it is a kind of day out, we get to spend the day together, we get to play together and we will no doubt pick up a few tip’s and tricks from each other, it won’t be our first time we have done a couple of day’s at The Practice previously, a few sessions then out for dinner, so on this occasion I have been promised a Ratchet the Butler meal so anyway I’m there 24th of May, book through Mistress Jane if you want to have your breath taken away and your bit’s milked to oblivion and beyond…It’ll be good😇

Ok, I’ve bleated on far too much and said not a lot so it’s time for me to finish for the month, I’ll be back next month to drivel on about nothing, I can’t win really if I don’t blog you email and moan, and if I do I feel I’m just bragging about new bits and saying nothing, so to finish on a nice bit,I got the beautiful flowers above off a client today, many thanks **P** they are beautiful and muchley appreciated, take care out there folks, thanks for reading, catch you soon Dr.Sara💋💋💋