GenerationF by MedicalMistress
GenerationF, unlike anything else on the market! many of the current contenders are what would be termed dry systems, there are also two very well known ones termed wet systems, GenerationF sit’s right in the middle, a unique quality product that works . As I say the next generation of milking machine an absolutely superb build quality, unheard of before colour options, a plethora of high end component’s and a veritable feast of  indulgence from start to finish…..So how was it born and what makes it unique…..

How It Started….

The whole thing I guess started some 18/20 years back when in a professional capacity I started to use and play with milking machines, my original one was produced by a now long gone company who if I remember rightly were German,  along the way I have a client who it turns out is a vacuum technologist, who knew there even was such a thing. Like most professionals I ended up with machines from every company that had a machine available, mostly dry systems but a couple of wet systems too, it seemed obvious,  and I know I wasn’t the only one to experiment by interchanging tubes and other parts.  From ongoing experience and much input from my vacuum technologist I ended up with a huge understanding of vacuum technology. I kept only two of the seven brands of machine I owned one wet and one dry and pretty much made those two unrecognisable to their original form after much pimping and exchanging of components, before I even mention the way I use them as opposed to the way they were designed to be used, my original plan was only to make my own the best and most practical they could be for me and my business but after helping several of my Mistress friends by sharing my knowledge, with a little encouragement from them the idea to produce my own was some two maybe three years back born. It has been a wonderful journey although very expensive and I am fiercely proud of my machines and their unique practicality….I have though had to accept it is a job for life to keep it ever evolving and ever improving, a quest if you like! Already as I launch there is much more to come, many more styles of tube, a whole section for ladies and something big…

Ok so that was a brief synopsis of the birth of the machine and business so onto the numerous unique qualities of this beautiful thing……………………where to start!


Penis Encasement Tubes I guess the business end is as good a place to start as any, the Acrylic tube itself is not off the shelf although that would be considerably less expensive, it is not just cast but also annealed, there are many more P.E.T.Z to come, but I have to make a start somewhere so will launch now and make additions, also a very large Ladies section to come, this is already built and under test so soon🤩 the long term experimentation and having bespoke tube made up  is well worth the end result.

Tops And Bottoms

Tops and bottoms I have come up with several styles in different materials, again these are not off the shelf components and are very much my own design, from an idea in my head to a shape on paper, then into an engineer for prototyping and eventually from there into CAD and milled for me from high grade aluminium, I could of left it there but felt that I wanted to offer colour, the polished aluminium looks superb and if thats your choice you won’t be disappointed and I’m sure a lot will go that way, for me I have a little OCD and love everything matching so to be able to offer the same aluminium anodised into a colour of your choice was too much for me to pass on. I am really pleased with it and those that have thus far ordered have all had colour so not just me I think. I then offer an extruded top, again in pretty much any colour of your choice, they are exactly the same shape size and design as the aluminium ones however they weigh much less and this in turn adjusts the way the tube works, you can very much have two tubes that look identical but in fact perform very differently and uniquely. Staying with the top the exhaust system is high grade stainless steel tube and comes with an extruded spigot for a tempered reduction, then rather than spoil all the quality with a plastic hose connection I use a metal chrome plated one, just to maintain the quality! In the housing market they call it kerb appeal, I’m not sure what in the vacuum technology spectrum I can call it, but it is quality and it looks it which is the look I desired long before it ever became a reality.

Pump Lines……

The hoses I call pump lines, and sorry if I sound like a stuck record but again these are not off the shelf, after buying hundreds of meters of silicone vacuum hose from numerous suppliers I came to realise that if I wanted quality and much much more importantly consistency then there was no choice but to have the hose made for me, this also allowed me to have it made **pure silicone** rather than the box standard platinum cured silicone and of course in bespoke colours, throughout the line system I use only stainless steel *Y* bars, *T* bars and *h* barbs, Long levered flow controls for ease of turning, the hose colour then matches the extruded tops and fitments on other parts of the system, I have to say not only does it satisfy my OCD but I am genuinely pleased with the look and ever important performance.

The Churns

Moving on to the milk churn itself and the pneumatic lid, no point telling lies these are very much off the shelf, readily available from good ole China or if you’re in the know another country much closer, however I have had mine strengthened in places, the churn itself comes in various sizes and shapes, the advantage I have with my system is being able to choose smaller churns, this is because my system is not reliant on huge volumes of lubrication.. I spent much time choosing the churn shape and in the end it was obvious, it’s a milk churn in real life so I thought I’d select the traditional milk churn shape, I’m glad I did I like it! It is a shape that could be described as iconic I think…The pneumatic top again is off the shelf, however what you do with it massively affects it’s performance.  It is available in stainless steel or transparent extrusion……

The Pneumatic Top

The two obvious things first the clutch of Rhythm lines onto stainless steel  *h* barbs and colour coded and then the neat bunch of surge pods, again into  *h* barbs then in turn into specially extruded fitments into the top, the air inlet again into an extruded fitment  and the safety valve which comes from my very own tame vacuum technologist so I am quietly confident it is the best for the job. There is last but by no means least a very high quality pulsator which allows for intermittent vacuuming to adjust milking according to the desired pulse rate, sounds fancy but another off the shelf component!

The Vacuum Gauge

Finally a small but important join between the top and the churn in the shape of a beautiful metal chromed valve into the top and on the side of the churn a vacuum gauge, not just any old vacuum gauge it is a glycerine filled vacuum gauge, the reason being is to get a super accurate reading in order to get the very best in performance and comfort from your milker. There is some movement in the churn when in use, not really noticeable to the human eye but there all the same and whilst a standard gauge would probably be alright I do feel that probably is not a word I want associated to the system. Oh and did I mention that the gauge is housed in beautiful polished stainless steel. These two components are joined with some of my **pure silicone hose** colour coded to your choice.


So without doubt the most important part of this system and any system come to that, without it none of it works, we have tried many pumps over the years starting out at 20L/Min and onwards and upwards, and so what is the best? well that is a really hard question to answer, originally we found some superb pumps which we import from Europe, they are size 65L/Min but then more recently we also found from the Far East a company that produce quality and what has always been a problem until now consistency, as they say everything comes to them that wait😂 these come in 60L/Min and 120L/Min there is a price difference and being unable to make our mind up we have decided to let you choose and so offer both, there is a much more in depth synopsis over on the site but briefly on the five litre churn you have the choice of an European 65L/Min or The Far Eastern 60L/Min and on the bigger 10 Litre Churn the same two but also the 120L/Min Far Eastern version, if you are in The U.S.A or Canada then we offer only the 60L/Min and 120L/Min options as these are 120V….the size difference allows you to operate more attachments without decreasing surge and rhythm.

In Conclusion

Generation F will grow, evolve and I hope become the Milking Machine for everyone, Male or Female, Pro or Private player, but ultimately provide a system that works, it’s not only a pleasure to be on, but a pleasure to use, easy, effective and immersive.