So January came and went, WOW what a busy one it was too, after a quieter than usual December, that will have been Boris stuttering and mumbling on the news no doubt, so anyway a not such good end to the year but a cracking start to the new one, fingers crossed it will be substantially better than last year, it won’t have to try too hard thats for sure, I more mean in terms of misery and the great unknown as opposed to financially….A big month for all us ladies with February being Valentines lots of cards and lots of presents, well I hope so anyway, I will be heart broken if not because the good ole 14th of February is a double whammy for Me as it is also My birthday..🤩

I must admit I never have really made a fuss about My birthday but #1 does so it is always nice, little presents and a lovely dinner, feet up and no chores for Me, a bit like every day really 😂🤣😂🤣 I’m not sure how many Valentines day’s this is for us, somewhere near or round about 30, it’s funny isn’t it I can’t remember that but I remember how long I have kept him chaste to Me and I remember every time I have cuckolded him, but then thats as it should be huh 😇

As you can see above in My other persona as Enfettered we have been installing Kit in a magical dungeon, it is opening shortly and let me tell you it is right up there, certainly one of the top three in the country, and the medical room that goes with it is not far behind either, a superb premises and run by a very down to earth genuine lady too…My very very best wishes to her, the only reason I mention no names is she is unsure when she will open so I don’t want to pre empt any marketing she has planned by publishing My blog before she launches her new premises…..

So as always I have done some shopping, I really do love the **Ever evolving, Ever Improving** mantra…. Picture one…. Heavy Rubber SPHERICAL Bondage INFLATABLE Mitts… Picture two….Sportfucker MotoVibe Nut sack Picture three….Sportfucker MotoVibe Cock and ball sling…..Picture four….Sportfucker MotoVibe cock ring…..all of course from Enfettered, tried and tested and superb, the electrics all go from mild to elevating you off the bed, great for My amusement, nothing like a cruel smile from your Dr. as she treats you huh!

It has been lovely to see Nurse Wilde back in The Practice after her little sabbatical a real pleasure to work with and isn’t she absolutely gorgeous, I think so….I’m loving her new short hair too, still we are never sure what colour it will be till she turns up but then doesn’t that just add to the character of this beautiful creature….. ❤️💋❤️

So I had a little day off of sorts, Myself and #1 took a jaunt to Wiltshire to catch up with My good friend MistressJane, with Covid, her moving, us being busy it had been a while, she was looking hot I have to say, a dress size smaller not that she needed to lose any weight but all the same she looked delicious…..So who knew she had a butler, Ratchett he is christened 😇 and boy oh boy can he cook….Mistress is vegetarian so a beautiful coconut curry and basmati rice was Rachett’s offering, well it was absolutely gorgeous. I don’t know why as I have had many veggie meals and yet I am always surprised at how tasty they are, I guess not being a lover of veg plays a large part in it, so am I converted, No, I love a bacon sandwich way too much to ever go over to that side however I have had #1 all over YouTube looking for some veggie meals for an occasional change so a partial convert I’d say…..Anyway it was a lovely day, MistressJane looked beautiful, we had a good catch up a good gossip and whilst I can’t say anything here MistressJane will be making some serious announcements in the very near future, My very best wishes to her….🤩

Staying on the subject of catching up with and staying in touch with, there is much hope on the horizon that we will be visited by the stunning Julia Taylor at some point this month, Isn’t she just gorgeous, maybe MaidCarol too, always great to see her and Carol and have a good natter and catch up, we are in reality only an hour apart but we both get so busy time is the enemy, we really must make more effort this year and of course post this rotten last two years of pandemic, maybe we’ll at long last find time to do some double Dom or maybe double Medical Mistress work…..keep checking our sites and blogs and if we do 😇 first come first served 👍

And so to finish off for this month, it never ceases to amaze Me how many people write to me about My feet, so for those that took the time, here they are😊….haha..bless you all, and yes I love them rubbed and yes the ankle chain does mean that….So look out the last day of the month there will be another blog, well its more of an announcement but in the form of a blog, a project I have been working on some 3 plus years now and learning some 18/20 years….sound cloak and dagger? not really but look out for it I’m very excited about it…..till then as always thanks for reading, take care and see you all soon Dr,Sara xxxxx