Ok well the obvious way to start is by saying a Happy New Year to you all, all things considered last year was reasonable and certainly could of been much worse so my sincere thanks to all who came to visit and kept Me afloat, it almost seems lame to say it but thank you all very much, I never lose track of how lucky I am and always appreciate it! After a little hollibob down on the Isle of Wight and then getting over a rotten cold I am all refreshed and raring to go, appointments are looking good already for January and February! I shall be blogging more than once this month with exciting news so this blog will appear quite quickly.

A picture of the beach where we stay on the Island, I wasn’t born there but grew up there and learnt to drive on that very beach in an old Triumph Herald that My Ole Dad had converted into a sand buggy of sorts, The roses you see in amongst the shingle are from the night before, I lost My Dad a few years back and part of the reason I go to the Island is to feel near him and chat to him, in My head of course….I pop down to the beach in the evening and throw flowers into the water, sometimes they drift out to sea and sometimes like in the picture when I walk the fur baby in the mornings they are washed up onto the shore line, it’s a thing that sometimes brings a tear to my eyes and other times fills me with joy and happy memories, better than standing at a cold grave side for Me so thats how I deal with it, it’s well worth the trip. Each to their own of course!

So keeping it light a few pictures that I will be using on the site to give it a little facelift, I do it every year as you all know, nothing worse than an old stale website in My humble opinion, It’s now mid January and I’ve not had time yet but check it soon I will do it this month, honest! …..🤩

So over the Christmas period Taylor My lovely upholsterer from another aspect of My life was busy giving all the bits in the main medical suite a little cover and up lift, I have to say the pictures really do not do it justice it is stunning if I do say so Myself and luxurious too…Dont take My word for it book up and come see for yourselves…

Already been put to the test by Myself a wonderful long term regular and assisted by the ever beautiful Nurse Wilde…it was a huge success! Blue Marine grade vinyl and orange stitching I have to say, I can’t not ❤️I Love it❤️

So short and sweet as promised, look out later in the month for a second blog….it’s mostly written and just waiting on some photography, as always thanks for reading and again a Happy New Year to you all…..DrSara xxx