So here we are the 1st of December, near the end of yet another very strange year, Boris has been on the telly again so appointments have dropped out of bed, I shouldn’t grumble over all when you consider what’s been going on its been quite a good year, and hey I’m busy enough still, just not the usual December falling through the door every time you open it turnout! Hey-Ho. I’ll live 😃

On a much brighter note its nearly that get off the roundabout time of year, Me #1 and the FurBaby off to My beloved Isle of Wight for a little break, the WiFi is poor the phone reception is near non existent, fantastic, a few good books to read, lots of home cooking by #1 catch up with Me ole Mum…..just what the Dr. ordered…..

A couple of additions to The Hellion Bed in the Suction and Pulsation room, very nice they are too, no escape from my wicked clutches….I will as always over Christmas give the web site a few fresh pics, I always think it is the worst thing in the world if someone turns up to session with you and your photo’s are 10 years out of date….I never let that happen and so have Nurse Jolene over on Friday along with My recently found Guinea Pig for a little photo shoot… good to not just show off Myself and Nurse Jolene but also the new room too!

Talking of Nurse Jolene, doesn’t she look stunning in her new Practice Latex uniform, whilst we are more a traditional clinic than a Gummi Clinic, hey we can rock the latex here no problem too if that should be your hearts desire, I don’t know about you lot but I fancy her 🥰🥰🥰 isn’t she just yummy……

I’ll add a lot more pics at the bottom of the blog, today is the 10th of December and a huge thanks to My GuineaPig and NurseJolene and of course My ever loyal #1 who takes a lot of the photo’s on My various sites…a great day, much fun and laughter was had by all, photo’s and video’s taken, so over Christmas a little freshen up of the web site, things went a little quiet after Boris said his bit the other day but I’m pleased to say it would appear now folks have had time to digest it they are largely ignoring it, well from the amount of bookings we are getting they certainly appear to be….good! it’s been a funny year without it ending poorly!

My good friend Mistress Miranda is due Saturday morning for a visit, someone always welcome, and an excuse for Me to post a picture of Me in her awesome play space The BDSM Laboratory quite an amazing play space it has to be said but only what you’d expect from such long standing, experienced and innovative Lady! We have been known to do the odd double, some might say very odd, so if thats your thing contact either of us via our websites and we can make it happen in either The BDSM Laboratory or at The Practice……

A few from the shoot, it was a fun day although those that have ever filmed or done photo shoots will understand the days are often disjointed but still we all had a giggle, I did a bit of lunch and got to know a recent client a bit better, a relationship that I hope will grow in time.

So a little bad news, The beautiful and talented Lady Rouge of Philadelphia U.S.A was due a visit to The Practice on the 22nd, unfortunately Mr Macron has put the kibosh on that with his flight restrictions, she normally comes via France, never mind we’ll catch up in the new year instead, a shame but better safe than sorry I guess….I’ve consoled Myself with a Christmas hat you can see below….

Anyway enough rambling on from Me, I wish you all a very merry Christmas whatever you are doing and whoever you are doing it with, my sincere best wishes, see you all I the new year…..Sara 💋