So thought I might skip a blog for November as I have already published a blog recently about revamping the small room at The Practice, but then thought I’d not get away with that, and on top of that as it said at the end of the blog there are still a few bits to come yet to add the finishing touches, like the beautiful orange stool above, Enfettered again of course, I do love a gadget and I do love a bit of orange or blue 😇 so there is the start of it being finished in full, a few more small items I still wait upon…..

November so far is carrying on from October, lots of bookings but a fair share of cancellations too, yet again the uncertainty of Covid, I don’t think anyone knows what to believe anymore, on Friday I read that Covid figures had dropped for the 8th day in a row, then on Monday I heard that the Luton and Dunstable Hospital had closed it’s doors due to Covid cases…..just in case anyone is wondering I am carrying on as normal, I am double jabbed, I am desperately trying to get a flu jab but the earliest I can find a slot is late November and when I am entitled to a booster I will have one as immediately as appointments allow, other than that I continue to clean and mist every day I am done with it all, fed up to the back teeth with conflicting news articles, and when will they ever, if ever, start to report news again rather than opinion, if I want opinion I can form My own and ask around for others….anyway rant over, I’m open for business and F**k Covid!

Another new toy at The Practice, one of 3 actually, all three doing the same thing but fashioned differently to accommodate all markets, this is a free standing **N** rig, there is a second that attaches to the Halothane rig and a third that is just a hand held version, be rude not to have all three I thought….A toy is a toy and a girl likes a toy or two dontchknow! Anyway I will move on now, feels like I’m bragging again and that won’t do now will it….

So Sunday the 14th remembrance Sunday, I’ll come to that in a minute I’m sure most of you know that I also have a Dungeon, Fallen Angel Studio, coming up 15 years now, so this morning I have spent doing what we call a deep clean, the Dungeon itself is very busy with private hire etc so after each session all the furniture is cleaned down with Milton and the floor swept and mopped, over and above that once or twice a week we go in and give it a blitz, then since Covid we go in the start of every day and mist with Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) then as if that’s not enough every month I get #1 on the case and we give it a deep clean, everything steam cleaned….its currently sparkling like a new pin ready for next weeks sessions……Anyway just letting you know its not all glamour and glitz haha 😵

This could be a rant, maybe, possibly, not really, I am old enough and ugly enough to make My own mind up as to what I think, I am talking Remembrance Sunday and wearing a poppy of course, I stand proud and wear a poppy in remembrance of those brave souls who fought for us and the animals that helped, it often doesn’t but very much should go without saying the world now would be a very different place had they all not done so….My parents met as 6/7 year olds in Burnt Oak playing on the bomb sites and have told Me many first hand war stories over the years, some horrid, brutal even and some that were quite frankly heart warming, is war a good thing, no of course not so I can understand those that think that the poppy is a sign, a glorification of war, I totally disagree with you! but it’s your opinion and I’d be the first to stand next to you and fight for your right to have that opinion, in fact that’s what the brave soldiers and animals sacrificed their lives for, a bit of irony there I think, what I do not do is just because you have a different opinion to me get spiteful and christen you with nasty names, wouldn’t the world be such a better place if everyone accepted that some don’t share the same opinion as them and that actually that is ok……So my 2pence worth and today being the day the brave folks and animals are very much at the front of My mind as I work My way through the day, they have My deep gratitude….

So we are on to Monday the 15th and I make no apologies for bragging, I have sessions that finish at 3pm and then it is off to Apple to collect My new iPhone the 13 Pro in a rather slinky blue, well I think it’s slinky, Sierra blue is it’s official colour…..What to do with last years model, eBay or use it as part exchange, I’m leaning towards ebay it has to be said….so happy bunny today, not that I’m not happy most days 🤩 No sense out of me between sessions for a few days till I have it all set up 😵

WOW…..what happened to Apple, I went to the store in Milton Keynes to buy a phone yesterday, no sooner was I through the door than a nice lad with a clip board was upon me, Him “Can I help” Me “Yes I want to buy an iPhone 13Pro Please” Him “Could you just wait over there and I’ll get someone over to see you” Me “Thank You” Half an hour later a new bloke….”How can I help” Me “I’d like to buy an iPhone 13 Pro please”. Him “No we don’t have any in stock, you’d be better to buy on line” Couldn’t the first guy of told Me that…..I then went upstairs to buy a phone cover and things just went from bad to worse, I won’t bore you all with the details needless to say I was left very unsatisfied, the service there used to be so good, and I do understand in a lot of ways it still is, if you book a genius they are extremely helpful but to just walk in, surly rude and one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing….so anyway I gave them their wish I bought on line and now have to wait for the 30th for delivery, grrrrrrrr! 🤨

And here we are the 1st of December, good ole Boris has scared the nation shitless yet again….funny within a couple of hours of the TV announcement I had three cancellations, I am very pleased to say, certainly here in Milton Keynes, that folks are just ignoring it as the very next day I had two of the cancellations rebook having had time to mull it over and a good few hours of further bookings to…..I am so fed up with it I can’t begin to tell you.

So staying on track, Sunday see’s fallen Angel closed, a rare occasion indeed, the reason is #1 and my good self are off for our boosters, got the text a week or so ago and Sunday is the first day we can get in so I’m guessing lots are taking it up…who knows, 2 jabs a booster and a flu jab, if that not enough we are all doomed mefinks🤩

Between the 30th and the 7th the iPhone arrives, no news yet 😵 I’m living in hope and rushing to the phone every time it bings in case its My notification on delivery….bah anything worth having is worth waiting for so time will come round to My slot soon, till then have a great Christmas and a happy new year, I’m saying that now just in case I don’t get time to do a pre Christmas blog…..Thanks fro reading Sara xx