Ok so this will be a sort of small blog, not small in length but small in text and rich in photo’s, I can see little point in trying to describe it when as they say **A picture is worth a thousand words** well that’s my excuse anyway! 🤩 So everything came out, all the paint work got another coat, new lights, new bed, it’s super it’s called The Hellion Slim and from of course Enfettered…up and down, back and forth, lots of gadgets, and cuffs and legs and arms and on and on, don’t take my word for it come and see for yourselves 🤣 😂😂🤣

Not One but Two new milkers of course GenerationF a brand I have been using and testing this past 10 months or so, they do look very similar to another couple of products already on the market but that is where the similarity starts and stops, these are a very different beast and operate in their own unique way, they will very shortly be for sale on Enfettered and will also have an independent web site, that said where I have had them a while there are already 9 sold pre release so they are already proving popular….

I’m really not going to bore you all with a long list of what is new, but as the photo’s unfold you’ll see lot’s and I do mean lots of new rigs for various types of breath play, N rigs, and much much more, it really is a little Aladdin’s Cave now, and shockingly still some more to come in this room before it’s complete to My satisfaction, however I can’t keep it shut forever……

New Tubes, in 6 different styles, of course nipples and all you’d expect

Even square ones 🤩

HaHa, I am posting and wondering what can you see in the background……there is lot’s and lot’s and lot’s of new stuff to play with…..

Well there you go a video, now why didn’t I think of that before……Just wait to see what I do in the main room whilst we are shut for Christmas…..watch this space…..The suction and Pulsation Room, read that as the small room will be open for business very soon…..