Ok so I am cheating a little bit, I know the coming month (October) is going to be busy in all aspects of My life so I am taking the opportunity to get an early start as today is actually the 30th of September, haha you’d not of known if I hadn’t told you…I thought I’d post the picture above as a bit or reversal for you, those that visit see me looking down on them as they are usually in a chair or on a bed, so here you are this is what it looks like if you look down on Me…..

So September was a fantastic month, and brought with is some very interesting sessions, I can’t say I have never done it before because I have many times, played with a couple that is, this time a little different as the couple travelled all the way over from Sweden to see Me, the whole trip based around Me, you can’t not feel a little honoured when someone has put that much effort into visiting you, well I can’t anyway! I was also in the same session attended to and assisted by one of My beautiful Nurses, NurseJolene, she is very popular and asked to assist Me often. So staying on the theme of patients, clients, call them what you will, I love to think of them as patients Myself. I have I am lucky to report many of them, it is never possible to mention them by name for obvious reasons, and of course some would love to be mentioned and others absolutely horrified by it, however one such patient who has been several times recently and one I have come to very much look forward to seeing is My Guinea Pig, a name for him we have agreed upon between ourselves, so I can say that without any danger of being indiscreet, he is always a pleasure!

The Stunning Nurse Jolene.

So a little Ying and some Yang I’m a big believer in it Myself, or as the more common way of saying it is, some good news and some bad, always the bad news first in My world, I always like to know where
I stand so I can and then have a platform to move on from, so My bad news is My day with My dear friend Julia Taylor had to be cancelled, a serious tooth problem needing to be sorted, health first always of course…

Get Well Soon JT!

So I guess I got good luck where JT got bad luck, as I heard the news last night I was able to pick up a couple of last minute appointments, although if honest I might of been just as well to have the day off and get a little R&R in which was what the whole day was based around, anyway, work is work so I’ll start the month as I mean to go on with some time in the Dungeon and The MedFet rooms.

Not My feet but the picture amused Me as soon it will be My feet on a nice secluded sandy beach, Roll On! I am so looking forward to getting off the roundabout for a couple of weeks! I have #1 who takes care of My feet but walking bare foot on the sand makes feet silky smooth #JustSaying Not to mention My FurrBaby loves the beach too so, as above Roll On!

I was very much counting down the days to the 8th, a little R&R with My lover in a beautiful location, Unfortunately I have lost out to a chest infection, I can’t begin to tell you what a disappointment that is, we have however managed to rebook for next month😮 no loss of booking fee’s etc so a real bonus, I enjoy immensely My nights away from home, My lover is long standing, it has been many years now and I always look forwards to his visits and the bonus is it also serves to address the balance of power at home, a real win win, I do should anybody be wondering know that I am indeed a very lucky Lady, a very happy and satisfied one too! I must stop those thoughts it’s a month away now…… 😇😇😇😇

So after a busy day Saturday the day ended well with a visit from Miranda, looking delightful pictured above….we do session together at My place or of course at Hers, contact either of us if that is of interest, however on this occasion just a visit because she was passing, a couple of hours spent chatting, catching up and putting the world to rights, a lovely way to finish Saturday off….

And in complete contrast to yesterday, today, Sunday the 3rd of October, whilst the day started really well with a wonderful MedFet session, Myself and of course the ever loyal and ever present #1 are now sat doing the V.A.T returns….deep joy, so for those of you that think us PD’s glide out of bed with a full, unblemished, face of make up attired in the finest stockings and lingerie, I am truly sorry to ruin your illusion, real life….Bahhhhhhhh! 😮😮

HaHa, funny sometimes how other people see you, and then funny again as to how very right they are, I had a friend send me this on WhatsApp as they said it was just a perfect description of Me….If honest had I been asked to describe Myself I’d of not said that, maybe I’d of gone along with keeping My circle small, I do do that, I have never been one that needs hundreds of friends, always very happy at home with #1 and the FurrBaby, then I looked further and thought mmmmm, yes I am aware of My power and have an ability to manipulate as do most women although large amounts do not recognise it and utilise it, the first part is a given, I am and always have been Alpha, I like to think I have a kind heart but I do hone in on what I want and then take it so………in the end I came to the conclusion that actually they were right, it describes Me to a **T**

So just some good news for Me, I have blogged before about My thyroid problems and then how long it had taken to sort out My meds which was interrupted by Covid, so much good news really, I today (11th Oct 21) went for full blood tests and under a new post-covid Doctor hope to get the final tweaks to My meds, the new Doc is really happy to help rather than fob Me off with the usual, your within the parameters of normal, I have in the interim been listening to #1 and basically been following a high protein, moderate carb and low fat diet and after a weigh in I have lost a full 1 stone in 6 weeks, not there yet at least another 2 to go but I do feel better in myself and there are now at least some clothes in the wardrobe that fit. I will keep you posted….My sincere thanks to #1 for not only devising My diet, but also making sure My macros are in the right proportion as well as cooking it all, there is a reason he is My #1……. I will repay him with much selfishness, cruelty as well as physical and emotional pain, such a lucky boy!

Ok, so I’m going to finish early this month, the reason being, well the clue is in the photo above, I am very busy with sessions but also busy with the launch and completion of the small room, that will warrant very much it’s own blog so for this month as an ongoing this is how my month went style blog, its going great the rest of the month looks great and I’ll be back blogging again before the end of the month from a slightly different slant than My normal format 😇 I’ll say no more for now though there are many already who know what’s going on….haha….video and photo rich blog to follow….cya all later, thanks for reading….. Dr.Sara xx