So I thought I’d start in a different way this month, I’m always posting medical pictures taken of Me in medical gear taken in My beautiful dedicated MedFet rooms The Practice, and always forget it was the dungeon that started Me off, I was doing so much breath play and medical style procedures that when I opened the MedFet rooms up I pretty much crippled My dungeon business, I did of course fix it and a new business was born I also still do sessions in there Myself but it has become common place for Me to forget that not everyone likes the MedFet environment but do like the treatments, so for those that prefer just drop Me a line and tell Me you’d rather do your session in the Dungeon and I will of course book you in and make it happen….it’s quite a spectacular dungeon if I do say so Myself….

So last month started busy and continued to be busy, after 15/16 months of up and down I really do have to keep pinching Myself to make sure I’m not dreaming that business is back and not just back but booming too! As my fav comedian Micky Flanagan says….Double Busy….My very sincere thanks to all that came to visit Me in the month of August, September is already looking good, I’ll fill you in on if it stays that way as the month rolls out but till then Can’t Stop I’m Double Busy HaHa…….

So not a moan as such, far be it for me to moan about the amount of presents My various boy’s buy Me, and not cheap ones either, Louboutin shoes, bag fulls of expensive fully fashioned stockings, perfume, the list goes on and on, but when I post My current hearts desire, see the magnificent picture above, nobody seems to take Me seriously, so just a #JustSaying rather than a moan if there is anyone out there looking to please Me this is My most current want! 😮

OK, you caught Me, I do a bit of blog here, a bit of blog there, and that way by the end of the month I have what I hope is a presentable blog giving you some semblance of how My month has been, so one of My longest standing men has come to My rescue and bought this for Me….. sincere thanks **MB** you are a star, Thank You! Not only a Wonderfull test bunny for Me over the years also a sincere friend, I will be full of thoughts of you every time I use it!

Talking of stockings, last month I received a very generous parcel from Cervin containing six new pairs, My sincere thanks to the wonderful man who bought them for Me, very very much appreciated, in amongst the six pairs were these beauties, Manhattan style, My favourites and also the favourites of both My boy’s #1 and HB…..there were in fact two pairs one in the nude colour above and another pair in black, so the Manhattan outline but without the reenforced bit, I won’t of course be wearing them for #1 or HB, but will of course wear them the next time I spend an evening with My lover, I think he’ll appreciate them, the silky feel as they rub against his flesh and I’m sure he’ll enjoy taking them off 😇 So cruel to My boys😇

The build in the small room of The Practice continues, I guess if you know a little about engineering you may be able to take a guess as to what the frame in the picture above is, here is a clue it is so new it is not on the site I got it from yet 😂 I will once again, already am, the test bunny, I love that whole test bunny thing, being the first, being responsible for constructive criticism and so in turn positive changes, I think in another world I’d of been happy with that as an occupation, not in this one though I have already found My perfect spot 😂 🤣😂🤣

A lick of paint always makes things feel brand new, and was sort of free, I bought such a big pot of it when I first chose the colour that I have now painted the room twice (well #1 has) and there is still enough left to go over it again at least two or three more times, good job all round really as I have no intention of changing the colour scheme and I have just signed a new lease on the building, so for those that love to come visit great news and for My enemies, haha I’m here for at least another 5 years…..

Alright, alright I know I keep banging on about it, but here it is in situ in the GenerationF workshop, just waiting for #1 to screw it down for me, I’ve had a little play with it and I love it, I’m not just excited I am massively excited, thank you so much MickyBaby one of My best presents ever……ok no more this blog I promise

So to continue on from last months blog where I proceeded to brag and brag and brag about all the new kit (shameful I know) I just couldn’t resist these new style super soft dildo’s in the good old Practice corporate colours of Orange and Blue I have tested them coff coff 😮 And as if not enough anal stuff already two very nice anal sticks, again available from Enfettered

More additions to the small room, I really am pushing to get it done for the end of this month, I will do a separate blog on it as I really do think it deserves it, I think you all will too, but if I can get a couple of shots into this blog I will….I am so excited I just can’t begin to tell you which is really not like Me at all….As I love to say, ever evolving, ever improving……