Ok so a little earlier on parade this month, only the 7th of the month and I have found time to start My scribblings of a blog, #1 found the picture above on Twitter, My feet fresh out of My shoes after a long session, some fresh air and toe splaying always make tired feet feel better and the foot boi’s love it too….So last month had a slow patch and in the end turned into a super busy month, it was great to see so many faces old and new in The Practice..this month looks good so far but with it being the school summer holidays I am expecting things to be a little slower…..that said you never can tell, we’ll see!

So new straps added to The Practice, body straps, not the ones in the picture above those belong to the beautiful Julia Taylor who is the designer of them, Mine are of course in Blue to go with the Medical Theme, I am adding new stuff all the time as I said before if I write about it all I feel like I’m bragging but then if I don’t write about it how do you know it is here….Anyway, we have both road tested them and come up with a small improvement so they are on the missing list for a week whilst the man that does, does! 😁

Staying on the subject of Miss Julia Taylor, we will at some point when time allows be doing some doubles together both here at The Practice and Fallen Angel and also at her superb new chambers, time is the problem, the parts of this year where we have had time have been lock down so a NoNo and now we are somewhat more free we are both very busy but I’m sure we will make it happen at some point….It might be a **one for the diary** for all the foot fetish guys, we both have a UK size four😃 having said that both of us are also known for our more brutal side in the Dungeon and our skill sets in Medical so a full day in the diary hopefully….If we find the time we’ll promote it in all the usual places so keep an eye out if it’s the sort of thing that may be of interest to you……….

So as I’m on a roll bragging about new kit, above this collection keeps growing, inflatable butt plugs, very popular and this particular range from Enfettered are absolutely superb, not had one anal boy not love them so far…they do come in all sizes though mine are sized XL through to Massive 😂 On a less tongue in cheek note, I use them all the time and they are excellent….

So I am renowned for My sounds here at The Practice, I have a dozen box sets, the standard Rosebud, Hegar, Pratt, etc etc the standard fair and then in large through to massive I have somewhere in the region of 100 individual ones in all shapes and sizes before we even get on to the vibrating ones, so as in other areas of My life I may be known as a Size queen I thought I’d buck My trend and pictured above, again from Enfettered I now have this cracking set of starter sounds, for those that have never tried but would like to…..See I can put shape and beauty before size 😂🤣😅 well in some walks of life anyway….these really are superb for beginners….

Ok so I really am not meaning to brag, I do just love My business and add kit all the time, and the beauty above I just couldn’t not mention, a really superb bit of kit, one of a range of 3 **N** rigs from Enfettered, I will of course have one of each….anyway enough bragging, come and try if breath play is your thing!

So sort of staying on the same subject, and just to show you that all us Mistresses are not full of spite and hateful towards each other, I spent yesterday morning in session at The Practice, packed up My new **N** rig and had a very pleasant drive to West London and hooked up with the beautiful Mistress Miranda A.K.A. The Bondage Mistress in her new and super cool play space The BDSM Laboratory. Well WOW WOW WOW what to say, whilst we have known each other a fair while now and have done duel sessions together before this time was My first time at her new place, beautiful, stunning, awesome, amazing so many superlatives spring to mind what a fantastic job she has done with the space and her superb creativity it really is truly amazing and a complete credit to her. We have some crossover of clients and the one in question **C** has been regular too both of us for years, this made things easy for Me as I know him and his likes and dislikes so well, got Me over the awkwardness of not knowing the space I was in, it was great fun, all three of us enjoyed it and a return for us three is already planned but at The Practice next time….fantastic! The **N** rig went down well too…..Mistress loved it and **C** got the effects so well 😀

As #1 always say’s if I’m missing I’m not hard to find, in the arms of My lover or down the aisle of B&Q, ScrewFix or good ole ToolStation, he is not far wrong, why else would a girl leave home, I have a fascination with tools and making things, so unless of course I check the emails and someone has booked a session tomorrow (Sunday 22nd) then it is over to the studio and a building day off, the building work will be upstairs in the Medical Rooms the home to be of GenerationF, a little OCD, well! not full blown OCD! but I do love a place for everything and everything in it’s place, two new benches to erect, hence the picture above, a fly press to secure in place, a white board for the wall and whilst I do that there is much touching up to be done in the hallways of both the medical rooms and Fallen Angel, as well as a little bit of moving some clutter to the new storage unit…….no rest for the wicked as they say 😇😇😇😇

So I don’t usually post anything personal or political, on the politics front I have of late slipped a little whilst venting about Covid/Lockdown/false news and the like and a few months back I did confess to having had a health issue the last few years in the form of My thyroid and all the problems I have had getting the medication right, so I am pleased to say My medication is about there now and after nearly 30 years with the man I have finally listened to #1 and come to realise he knows what he is talking about when it comes to nutrition, him being an ex competitive body builder, you’d of thought that as I met him when I joined his Gym near three decades back and was very attracted to his big muscular arms and his six pack that I am a little slow out of the stalls, anyway I’m there now and pleased to announce I am losing weight, 1 dress size down already and I am eating things like chocolate and banana muffins, Mud pie, chocolate fudge brownies, pizza, burgers, and I start My day with a wonderful Chocolate and coffee flavoured Frappuccino, apparently it is all to do with Macros, well I don’t know about that but what I do know is I am losing weight and it doesn’t feel like I am on a diet so that’s a real bonus, the other being all my meals are prepared for me and in the right calorific range with the right ratio of Macros….perfect, I do love to be pampered and maths was never My strongest subject 🤩#LivingTheDream

So back to what’s happening and what’s new at The Practice as those that know me know I am always wanting to evolve and improve and with this in mind I have created a little reception area between the two rooms, it is somewhere we can sit before your session to discuss your wants and needs etc if you are new to sessions with Me, but I had more in mind a place to sit after we have played, a little come down space to drink your coffee, hot chocolate, tea eat your biccy’s or choccy bars….My now famed after care in a designated area, toasty warm and comfortable now I have had a ceiling put in and a new fire added. A chat and a relax, just what the Dr ordered for both of us….😇

So I have mentioned that the small room is under a total revamp in My previous blog, don’t worry it’s not closed and forgotten it’s just that you lot have kept Me so busy that I have had to keep putting My plans back a little here a little there, anyway, #1 and My good self sacrificed our day off on Sunday and came over, some new lighting, a little paint job, and we are in the throws of building the new piece that is to be housed in there along with all the new Milking machines etc, so not long now, maybe I can squeeze it in before the end of the month or maybe it will be the start of next months blog, either way it is really not far away…..😇😇 I am so very excited, I hope you will be too….

So many years ago I had My own V.O.D sites and as a result of that I wanted to keep My internet presence as just that, Mine, so as and when the various film producers asked Me to film I always said no, then some years back along came A.T.V.O.D and yet again for the umpteenth time down came My V.O.D sites and I never bothered to put them back up again, I have for the last few years just not filmed, longer than a few years I think a lot of years…..I have no objection to it, lot’s of My friends do it, but also I haven’t missed it either financially or the work load it creates anyway I did succumb to the beautiful and elegant Mistress Sidonia Von Bork and busted My cherry filming with The English Mansion Today the Lady herself came to visit and whilst here told Me she had blogged about Me…….WOW, a huge thanks, and if you’d like to read it click here My sincere thanks!

Ok, Ok I’ll shut up now before I send you all off to sleep, five days till the end of the month, today being Friday the 27th, but I have appointments in every day till then and beyond, no rest for the wicked, and no bank holiday for me which means no walking along the prom with a big bag of chips or an ice cream, hey-ho but business first, I have always operated that way, when time allows I take a day or two here and there and when it doesn’t I work, it works out roughly the same as taking set days, we all have quiet times despite what you may read on Twitter, FaceBook and the like 😂🤣😂….Any way enough from Me thanks for reading, I sincerely hope you all enjoy your bank holiday whatever you may be up to, take care Sara xxx