So very very late on parade this month, I usually like to start and then add to the blog as the month progresses otherwise I tend to forget, I’m not sure if thats old age or just a poor memory, who knows, anyway I am pleased to say I have been so busy that I have just not had time to sit and type about My month so far, not quite the revolving door but long sessions every day so I mustn’t grumble…very much no wolves near my door this month so far…. I started with a picture of NurseAlpha just because she is proving popular in The Practice and has slotted in very nicely with the other two, NurseJolene and NurseWilde, all seem to have their individual fans which as they are all three very different looks is not I suppose that surprising, I’m really pleased with all three and thoroughly enjoy working with them all….

In other parts of My life with the little spare time I have had My life has been full of furniture and engineers of furniture, an absolute nightmare, however hopefully now sorted barring a little transition period, fingers crossed it’s one of those **All is well that ends well** 🤞🏻

Staying with other parts of My life I always make time for some recreation in My schedule, there must always be a work life balance thats acceptable, it is being a PD very easy to work every appointment that comes through the door and end up with no time for yourself, I have over the years fell into this trap on many an occasion and ultimately it just fills your bank account and the space under your mattress and leaves you in a state of exhaustion and misery, so with this in mind I gave #1 a change of device around lunchtime on Friday and left him in serious frustration to meet one of My lovers, a wonderful afternoon and night in a stunning little Air B&B in rural Bedfordshire was just what the Doctor ordered, much passion, laughter and joy, I had a superb time and came home to be cleaned, pampered, loved and worshipped all day Saturday, the way to a mans heart is through his stomach they say, what an absolute load of dross, control his little penis and cuckold him regularly is the way to true devotion, I do think as we approach near 30 years together with Me cuckolding him 27/28 of those years I am very much entitled to My opinion although I concede My #1 is an exceptional man….

Today as I type it is the 18th, whilst busy enough it is a quieter week this week than last and fingers crossed I am hoping to find time for a trip to the nail bar, long over due, it’s been a funny period of time for nails, seems since the opening up in April when I have had time my regular salon hasn’t had time and visa versa, I’ve been having to do My own and whilst I am reasonably adept at it, well it’s just not the same and when someone else does it then it feels like a bit of pamper time, who doesn’t like a bit of pampering I ask you…..

So tomorrow is Freedom day, all back to normal or so they tell us, without getting too into politics I’m really not sure about the whole thing, **These are people who may of died of other causes but died within 28 days of testing positive for Covid-19** what does that mean, I am buggered if I know but they are very quick to say it every night on all the news channels after they give the death rate out, did they die of Covid or didn’t they, however even asking this question makes you instantly a CovIdiot….Oh well a CovIdiot I am then, fingers crossed they have it right and this is the start of getting back to the way things used to be.

So, a little unexpected expense on the way home Wednesday, got a flat tyre, luckily a Knight in shining armour appeared with an electric tyre pump, one end in the cigarette lighter the other end in the tyre and we were off and running, deep joy when we again pumped it up this morning and limped into the local tyre place, not only the tyre with good tread that was punctured a write off I also needed two new ones on the front….£300.00 later I was on My merry way chuntering about robbing Bas***ds and the like under my breath…..Still not all bad news, just had some stonking news as they say but will keep it under My hat till it actually happens…..Ying & Yang yet again!

This may give some clue as to the good news!

So as the month approaches it’s end, it is Saturday today the 31st! As often is the case what you write early in the month changes, so a huge thanks to all who have been to visit, it means I didn’t get my nails done but what a cracking month it has turned out to be, and August already looks good…All’s well that ends well as they say😇

Just to finish on some good news, isn’t it always nice to be able to do so, out of the blue the other day My lover phoned and told Me he he has booked tickets to see The NutCracker in London, a little Tchaikovsky, I don’t mind if
I do 😀 I am very much looking forwards to it and think we may well make a weekend of it, a weekend of raunch, ravage and just a touch of culture, it’s sounding perfect to Me! Till next time thanks for reading Sara xx