So it is the 2nd of June as I start too type the goings on of this month…not much of the month gone so far so as you’d expect not too much going on as yet….My beautiful patient hoist is still for sale, I have advertised it here and also on Twitter but no joy so it has now gone across to the good old Bay or as it is better known Ebay…..I really am sorry to see it go but room/space is of the essence and what is coming will replace it well thats for sure……Look at My pretty nurse, NurseJolene, even her little feet are pretty 😍 well all the foot fetish boys think so…haha…

So last month was super busy, so far this month things are a little quieter, nothing to worry about good old half term has raised it’s head and so in turn that makes it difficult for folks to get out, it will soon be over and the little darlings will go back to school, did you clock the sarcasm of little darlings 😂🤣 😅 bless them, don’t feel too sorry for Me I’m not saying I have no appointments just that they are a little lacking compared to last month, staying on the subject of being busy I wonder am I the only one who after the last two months feel that I am just getting back to session fitness, I have spoken to a few friends in the same game and we have all gone from zero to full on for the last two months and we are all knackered….I guess you’d say knackered in a good way 😇

An exciting month for Me, back to My beloved cottage on the beach down on ye ‘olde Isle of Wight, the views above are from the door of the cottage a short garden and then onto the beach, it is really on the beach so to speak, this is Silver Beach in Bembridge on the Island and whilst I wasn’t born there I did live there from a very early age as my Mum and Dad moved there when I was young, fond memories indeed, I learnt to drive on that beach in dear ‘ole Dad’s beach buggy, to swim to surf and all manner of other things I learnt on the beach in later years 😀 I’m sure you can use your imagination, we go twice a year, My beautiful fur baby Murphy loves it, in fact he is hard work to keep indoors and even harder work to keep out of the water, My Mum still lives there and it will be 18 months since I saw her when we go down later this month, #1 will no doubt disappear onto the beach with the hound and do his normal avoid the whole family thing, he has no family so struggles with the whole dynamic, he is very good though and keeps it all in check for Me, families huh, who’d have them….

And there is said Furr Baby, don’t let those dashing good looks fool you he is a fully fledged hooligan and has us all on our toes, as you’d expect he can do no wrong 🤭 Well….you know……

Well good ole Ebay, that really didn’t take long at all. Gone, a real shame I loved it and had some really great sessions with it but space is needed, all I have to do is contain myself and not let the cat out of the bag as to what is coming soon 😁 the loss will be worth it I already know this……

I am, and I do appreciate how very lucky I am to do what I do for a living! I think a large part of My success comes from the passion I feel for what I do and always always always I am grateful and feel humbled to have so many exceptional clients who constantly challenge Me to keep learning, to keep improving not to mention keep Me interested in what I do, the one above is one of My all time fav’s and you can see him in what is known as Pantaloon Spica, whilst at first glance it may appear he is just wrapped in blue bandage it is a layered process, a stratagem to get to the external and visible blue……A session I thoroughly enjoyed and whilst that was far from the whole session a part very much worth a mention I feel…I loved it!

Above My beautiful assistant and sometimes patient Jolene, isn’t she just gorgeous? Well I think so and I absolutely adore playing with her, the good news is in the near future she will be more available to session than she has been this past few months, I look forwards to that very very much 😍 Give her a follow on Twitter @jolene_nurse I have no doubt she would love the followers and the interaction……And book in advance she is very popular and so in demand!

Some very exciting news, after near two years of research, try out, tweak, try out I am finally happy with the above, all the i’s are dotted and all the t’s are crossed the launch is imminent, now it’s time to put My hand deep deep into My pocket and start paying out for enough of everything to make 40 or 50 of them, not that deep as it’s been a two year project I have most of what I need to hold in stock and am just waiting for rolls of liner and machined tops and rings and the like to be able to set the workshop up like a mini conveyer belt factory, without the conveyor belt of course as usual it will be Myself and #1 running round and a hopefully superb product coming out at the end….Having had the machine and pumps on test in My Medical Rooms for over six months I am quietly confident 😇 To a large extent it’s not really a secret as such so many people have been and tried it all out and then talked about it I am already getting random email of folks asking when the launch is…..

I can’t say too much there has to be some surprise left, realistically I am thinking a comfortable launch will be round about mid July, whilst it will have it’s own web site it will initially be sold through Enfettered, and why not, anyway enough or I will give the complete game away and there is a lot I haven’t mentioned I promise **Looks similar to another product already out there but is very very different ** 😇

So the price you pay for going on your holibobs, on My return 24 emails, 6 voice messages and 17 texts, so you can guess what I am doing today, I will answer you all I promise but as you can imagine it’s going to take time, not least as because as soon as you reply you get a reply back and so the number of messages and replies go on up…..Blimey I was only gone for 4 days……😂😂😂

Now that really is enough said for one month…….. thanks for reading and see you all soon…….Dr.Sara xx