So we are back, and it is great to be back, thought I’d shout out one of My fav boy’s **C** a supasub indeed, always so nice, always with the presents a real pleasure to play with and one I always look forwards to seeing, many thanks for the shiny new electrics…..

Other exciting things happening at The Practice fingers crossed the end of the month the middle of next, I am wondering if you can guess what it might be….I’m very very excited I know that 😂🤣😂 🤣 Actually it is two major things that are happening in the little room, there you go an even bigger clue…….And I have posted this on Twitter and the like already but My new Scarlett Graves drawing on the wall in The Practice, love it….

So an attempt at inserting a video, I thought after all the politics and the like I have been posting I’d do my very best to keep it all on Fetish, all on Medical and thought you may like this…..I do….

I did have a couple of clients in mind when I bought this, and other than that thought it may just make a few eyes water, that thought really amused Me, I buy new stuff all the time and then I either forget to post it or I feel like I’m bragging so don’t post it…..The photo is deceptive it is absolutely massive, I’m thinking I may take another picture and stick in a litre bottle of coke or the like for some perspective…..

So even more exciting news a new Lady starting with us in the Dungeon, in there she is known by AplhaDivine in her normal dominant persona, as you can see from the pictures she is indeed divine and personality wise definitely Alpha, a stunning beauty but also a really nice Lady, a sensual sadist and experienced, I am so looking forward to seeing her in action and watching her grow her business, but there is always a but, I haven’t forgotten which blog I am in, the Lady wants to learn medical and so will be also available in The Practice as NurseAlpha, another real asset as you can see from the pictures and a different look from My other two beautiful Ladies NurseJolene and NurseWilde…more choice can only be a good thing, I will post more pictures below and of course will pop her on the staff page on the site….

So there you are the delightful Lady in the correct environment, isn’t she gorgeous….she is also very sadistic and although not yet on the site has two bookings already….some of you boys are pure gluttons for punishment, I am hopping up and down here with excitement, I am away Sunday to see a new piece of kit that’s coming our way very shortly, I will keep it under my hat for now but I am so happy I could squeal…..

As you can see above it is all change around at The Practice, as we always say ever improving, ever evolving, out has gone the gynae bed and in has come the birthing bed, absolutely nothing wrong with the gynae but with the plans afoot I just do not have room to keep both and the birthing bed is so much bigger allowing two at a time etc it seemed the obvious choice of the two to keep… whilst it was all upside down a little spring clean, everything steam cleaned then misted, a shunt around of where things where and it is all ready for the next patient……the small room now stands empty, it too has been steam cleaned and misted and that is where My excitement is focused for a second, as said above two major things coming soon and the smaller room is where they’ll be housed 😇 I am bursting to tell you but then I’d have nothing to blog about next month….

And again in the need to create space for new arrivals I am very reluctantly letting My ArJo Huntley Maxi Twin Patient Hoist go, we have had so much fun with it here is is a sorry goodbye, it is all electric and comes with several patient slings which are great not just for moving a patient about but they also hold the patient in perfect position for much play, I’m sure when you look at the pictures below you can use your imagination…..

And so as another month draws to an end, thats Me done and dusted with typing to you all, again My sincere thanks to all that have come to visit, new and old, and to those that are still unable to return but have written to stay in touch I very much look forward to seeing you as soon as the things stopping you currently are dealt with, sounds like code reading that back but then those that have written will no doubt know what I mean so mission accomplished so to speak 😁 a day out for Me tomorrow, not a day off as such I will be working on other projects but a day out of the studio all the same,

Friday morning Myself and #1 are off for Jab number 2, yipeeee we will then both be done and dusted till booster time, I have a double in the afternoon with AlphaDivine in the Dungeon, a nice trample and cock and ball busting session, looking forward to it….Saturday see’s Me very busy, a 3 hour session in the Dungeon in the morning and 2 hours medical in the afternoon, then Sunday is haircut day, fingers crossed so far it looks like I may just have Bank Holiday Monday off, I only jest it is unbooked all day so far but I never worry if I have to work a Bank Holiday I have always worked around my clients and if honest a day off on an obscure day where there is nobody else off suits Me much better….ok ok I am waffling on, good luck all and till the next time, as always thanks for reading...Sara xx