My FurBaby Murphy

Well at last we are all open back up, it has been a long and funny year, although not funny haha, it’s gone quick in places and been painfully slow in others, I can’t say I’m sorry to see the back of it, but I feel a little guilty saying that as in comparison to lot’s of folks I’ve not been affected near as much, home life wise didn’t change much at all, we are not ones for dinner parties or games evenings and the like so just Myself, himself and of course the furbaby…work I’m sure I have intimated in previous blogs has been where is has hit, but working between lockdowns helped a lot and the grants have been generous so I have maintained My two buildings and managed to eat and put petrol in the car, even bought some new kit. Where I feel I have been the most lucky is My Mum, 87 years young and so has been in isolation over a year, thankfully whilst not wealthy she is financially comfortable so I at least have not had to worry about that, she is now of course double vaccinated so able to go out and about again and has come through fine for which I will be eternally grateful. A few short weeks now and I finally get to see her again after over a year. Some good some not so good times…..but a future in sight!

Anyway the 12th came along and like everyone else I opened up not fully knowing what to expect, I thought I would be ok as I have said previously a few of My boys stayed in touch to let Me know as soon as they could they would, but I wasn’t well prepared for the reality, I can only say a huge thank you to all that have attended so far and all that are currently booked in, a pleasant surprise would be the understatement of the year it has been epic, I am grateful beyond words to know My business has survived, and whilst I guess it will be a good while before the world is back to how it used to be in the UK we are on the way already to a good place and I have all and everything crossed that it will continue.

And thats Me about done, I really have not a lot to say, but the little pic above says it all really, I am so grateful for so many things, My Mum, My business, My home life a huge thanks to all that make it so, next month I can hopefully at long last get back to a proper blog, action shots, new kit up coming things and the **Normal things My blog consists of without mention of all the rotten stuff thats been going on this past year or so…..A sincere thank you and I will make a better effort soon, thanks for reading Sara xx