Well let’s start on a more serious note and then slide into kink and kit as we get further down the page…….It’s the 29th as I type so a little more freedom today but April 12th is the big one the one we are all waiting on, well I am anyway, so the month is near done and dusted, the phone is once again ringing and the emails pinging in the inbox, and Saturday night at 5pm sharp I reported for My Covid-19 Jab, So having read back My last couple of blogs I am being dragged into commenting on politics, so for the last time today then no more, here goes, I am not a conservative by any stretch of the imagination, there is much they do that I object to however credit where credit is due, Well done Boris, The NHS and especially all the Volunteers, what an absolute super slick operation getting the jab is, apart from a little sharp pain in the arm the process is so good you hardly notice its for a jab…..amazing our position in getting everyone safe in the world rankings, if only they got everything else as right what a wonderful world it would be…..I must admit after reading about side effects I was a little on the worried side, if there is so much as a sniffle going round I’m one of those that gets it, however not a single jot, Sunday was very pleasant a nice roast lamb dinner a couple of films and an early night, superb if I do say so Myself…..

I am so much missing My play time I can’t begin to tell you, so much new kit to play with, a Slubb, 30 new anal toys from sensible to stupid in size, a wonderful new sling and patient hoist, much much more than those few bits I have been a busy shopper during lockdown😇 and as yet nobody has been brave enough to book the three of us together, haha, I do think you might be scared, I am also hopping up and down and forcing Myself to keep quiet about a new bit of kit that arrives shortly, when I say shortly I mean end of June beginning of July, Boiiinnnngggggg I am so so excited😂🤣😂 🤣

So staying with new kit, I added in the blue bed straps to the striker bed and have discovered that the originals (the blue) were not enough but very good so I have topped up with a couple of extra white ones, #1 again test bunny says they do the job, so considering bondage and medical are not his thing is sounding very good to Me and they do look superb don’t they……well I think they do👍

So I wasn’t supposed to know about this but inadvertently managed to weedle it out of #1 on a recent car journey, I just mentioned Mistress Graves and My thoughts that she was a tidy little artist and did he think maybe we should get her to do some art work for us for our other business….well before I finished speaking he was wanting to know how I found out, then he realised I had no idea what he was on about and so had to spill the beanz 😂🤣😂

So above you can see the original, then in turn it coloured in, and now the good Lady is just adding a little bit of text, superb, I love it and think it captures me perfectly even the grey hair…..you’ll be seeing it everywhere in a minute as it will become My logo….a really really top job mefinkz 😀

And as if by Magic the Lady just wrote, here is the finished item….so so happy with it thank you so much Mistress Graves 😀

Anyway, enough for a minute, many many thanks once again to all that have stayed in touch, it is so nice and if honest such a relief to have the phone ringing again and the emails dropping into the inbox, I love My Medical as so many of you comment after session you can tell it’s My thing rather than just someone going through the motions for money, you are right it really is My thing and I am so looking forwards to seeing you all again soon, as things stand April is getting a few appointments and May is going mad and already looking super busy so book as soon as you know I really don’t want to disappoint you after you have all shown such loyalty….take care and stay well, see you all soon…..Dr.Sara 💋💋💋