So March is upon us, things are moving on, well they seem to be anyway, the kids are going back to school, I bet there will be more than a few pleased Mum’s and Dad’s on the 8th, I know the friends I have with kids at home have found it restrictive even with the whole plethora of restrictions we already have, not so much them being at home as such but the home schooling, I appreciate the virus is the virus and yes I do very much take it seriously but where does Boris think parents find the time to keep house, work from home and home school…..anyway not My problem as I don’t have kids 😇 Thought I’d post the pic above to show #1’s photo app skills 😂🤣 and just to generally start on a light note……You really can almost feel the hope in the air, the news is more positive, the numbers are falling and it really does feel that June will soon be here and we really do stand a very good chance of being free again….

So talking of numbers, that is something very much in the news of late, the numbers relating to Covid, again I repeat I take it very seriously, have washed my hands almost to the point of bleeding, give folks any distance they require and wear a mask when we go to Waitrose etc, however numbers are a question that really does need to be addressed, !20,000 plus deaths of people who may of died from things other than covid but who tested positive for covid in the last 28 days, what does that really mean, I baulk every time I read it on the bottom of the various charts and newscasts where you see it on a daily basis, I’d like to know for sure but we are all so politically correct of late even asking a genuine question makes you a Covidiot in some quarters….anyway enough of all that we are on the way out and I want to enjoy that genuine buzz thats in the air at the minute so no more talk of that type of thing here…be gone 😷

Added some lovely new silicone and stainless steel leg stirrups to the new patient hoist in The Practice Rooms….Enfettered of course, not only very strong, very pretty but also super functional….I really can’t wait to start sessions again there is so much new stuff to play with

Lots and lots of other new stuff too, a Slubb male masturbator, very exciting a new Penlon Rebreather rig, no honestly thats really exciting 😀An OxBalls nut sack electro toy, that will get a reaction from you I promise, and as if not enough a new LeWand attachment, do I need to tell you what it hooks round and last but by no means least a support handle with vaculok so we can really drive home the point of the 30 plus new butt toys I recently added😍2 handed as the song goes **Can you feel the force**….so someone is going to get lucky and be the first to go on all this new stuff I wonder who it might be….

Ok well the month is progressing along, so far so good the spike in infections they predicted when the kids went back to school has yet to be seen so still the numbers head in the right direction, still the feel of hope in the air, a sense that folks are a little happier than they have been in a while, and low and behold the emails are busy with folks booking appointments as far ahead as June and even one for August, I have put it in the diary but bugger thats a long way off so we shall see, I have learnt over the years never to pre judge your never know till it happens in this game thats for sure….. Short and sweet and thanks for reading…see you next month in real time fingers crossed….