So February is already half done, today being the 15th, I try to steer clear of anything other than Medical and Fetish in My blogs, you don’t need to hear My opinions on what’s going on in the world, but I can’t not mention that there seems to be a real air of hope in the air this past week or so, the numbers are looking good, lets be honest who knows what the numbers mean, I’m not altogether sure the scientists even know, however they have chosen their way to record the stats of Covid and now can no longer deny the figures look good. At Last! The vaccine rate is fantastic, a real credit to the country that we have all lined up and taken a shot in the arm, pretty near leading the world no less, it’s all good news and leading to us getting our freedom of movement back in the not too distant future, I have chuckled a few times with quite a few of My older clients phoning wanting an appointment as they have had their jab and now feel safe 😂 you have to love their spirit.

Yesterday was a big one, I sincerely hope you all had a fantastic day full of love, in our house #1 calls it double whammy day as the good ole 14th of Feb is also My buffday, I was twenty something yet again for all those wondering 😀 twenty-too-many if truth be told….Anyway I had a lovely day lots of well wishes and much love from those close to Me thank you #1, MrB and HB in particular.

As I’m sure you have noticed this past few months I have been adding kit like crazy and at the same time having a clear out, old style milkers and suits, the last couple of blogs, this time an old style, style fetish Venus 2000 stand, the design on Style fetish has now changed so you won’t find this exact one, the original Linear slide exploded in no time at all and so has been replaced with a much better quality one, it’s a nice bit of kit and of course very practical too, not only safe storage for your Venus but it then also slides over your bed of bench and adjusts to the right position to get the job not in hand done 🤣😂🤣

So in amongst My spring clean, I guess that should be My **During Lockdown I got all My todo list done which included a good clear up and clear out** anyway whatever you call it I stumbles across the NovaPro 100 pictured above, I am quite ashamed to say that I had forgotten I even had it let alone when was the last time I used it. I’ve always been a believer in having kit but that can on occasion get out of hand I think, so I had a quick look on eBay and boy oh boy are these things popular, the one above is lacking it’s original box but other than that is all there and all singing and all dancing, sensible offers taken into consideration…..

Short and sweet for so far this month, a few pics of Myself and the staff here at The Practice Rooms to finish off, Dr.Sara, Nurse Jolene, Nurse Wilde and Patient Jo of course, happier times but hey we’ll all be back soon and we are all looking forwards to it….catch you soon, thanks for reading…..Sara xxx