So how well behaved am I two blogs in less than a month, I guess this rotten pandemic like every cloud has some silver lining all be it tiny, I normally just don’t have the time to blog twice in one month, so the title is More News and I do have some, as you all know I am a huge believer in the ever improving, ever evolving way of conducting business and in that vein I am now after selling the milker in the last blog to a lovely American Lady selling a Serious Kit suit, I have two of them and am happy to sell either or indeed both. Suit one is fully loaded and in the pictures above, it has been pimped somewhat with extra lube ports and electrics added, it is top of the range Suit 2 is totally unique again pimped for Me, it is a short leg one loaded with electrics to do genital and anal, I have then had stainless steel mountings added so you can get suction and pulsation as well as electrics at the nipples…..Both suits come with lube feed bags both should have a timer box but I only ever bought one so first come first served on the timer box to go with whichever suit is chosen as first sale, I will of course reflect the lack of timer box in the price of the suit which sells second, Both have served Me well but I think now it is no secret I have played a large part in the creation and development of GenerationF a very soon to be launched alternate milker system, looks similar but is in fact VERY different, created and developed from my huge experience of Fetish suction, pulsation and electrics, and a massive amount of input from a Vacuum technology engineer, It’s due for launch end of this month (February) and very exciting, I have a whole room dedicated to it and will be using it and all its components exclusively from here on in, hence all the sales, so ever evolving and ever improving as always….A genuine bargain or indeed two to be had by someone…

So what is that up above, up above is exactly what it is its My new ceiling, all sparkly❤️…..So those that visit on a regular basis know The Practice Rooms is just that, two rooms housed in a larger building, the main room and the now dedicated GenerationF Suction, Pulsation and electrics room, between is a corridor with a huge high ceiling, as you can guess in the winter whilst both rooms are toasty warm the corridor between can get a little chilly, no icicles but a good few degrees below the temperature in the rooms, well no more….The space is now filled in with a new ceiling and rather than go for the normal run of the mill plaster board, plaster and paint we have gone sparkly and shiny, it looks awesome, you can get a better idea from the pics below, and over and above the look, it works! I now pop the over door shop blower on and in 5 minutes flat it is toasty warm….haha😁

And so on top of that as you know I am very big on not only ever improving, ever evolving I do like it spick and span so although at this time last year we had everything out and gave it a lick of paint and a good sproose up I could see no reason not to do it again, I guess compared to a standard year it has had nowhere near it’s normal traffic but it has still been busy between lockdowns and was super busy pre lockdown so whilst there is time I am at it again, everything out, everything washed down then steam cleaned, a touch up here and there where and if needed, and over the weekend we will put it all back together again….then a nice fresh lick of paint in the hallway to compliment My new ceiling and that will do us for this year, much finger tapping and foot twitching till Boris gets his finger out and lets us all back out to play again….haha I can’t wait🧡

I am loving the way the ceiling reflects what’s beneath it, I’ll have to wrack my brains and see if there are any treatments we can conduct out there it’s almost like a mirrored ceiling…sexy😂🤣

Anyway with the ceiling all done in sparkly shiny whatever it is, and the annual touch up and clean down about to get under way a little discussion ensued between Myself and #1, should we to compliment the new ceiling change the colour of the hallway and so freshen the whole area up and compliment the new ceiling, a resounding yes was the conclusion we came to and as for colour, The Practice Blue of course, it is actually called The Practice Blue because we had it made up a few years back and the guy that did it humoured Me by calling it that on the label on the tin. I digress, so I am a sweep it clean and move on girl, #1 on the other hand is a hoarder so last year we found at the back of the wardrobe where he had hidden it a blue striped shirt with a rip in it, he wore it to do the decoration and got The Practice Blue paint all over it as well as the rip, only one place for that, the bin! Well thats where I thought it had gone and yet yesterday when we started the revamp out of the bedroom he walked wearing said shirt, sneaky bugger……So I have to concede on this occasion his hoarding worked out, without this already ruined shirt there would no doubt of been a good shirt ruined this year…..However it Is just a small battle he has won, now I am aware of his antics this year the shirt will go in the bin and rest assured the war will be won by Me 😂🤣😂🤣

And there we are the hallway all painted, scrubbed to within an inch of it’s life and all put back together again, it does look rather dapper if I say so Myself, a job well done, I think I’ll post a few pics of the main room below but I am going to refrain from posting any of The GenerationF room just for a minute as it is quite a transformation in there and really wants a blog of it’s own probably to coincide with the launch of GenerationF itself 🤔

And there we go, a little lick of paint, everything cleaned down then steam cleaned, a little addition here and there, like 30 new huge anal toys, a beautiful Arjo Maxi Twin Patient Lift, some wonderful new breath play rigs and much Stainless steel want to see it all? I’m sure you do, Boris will be on the TV soon I’m sure, give us all some freedom back to play….I’ll be here waiting for you when he does😷😷😷

Ok so once again, thanks for reading, if either or both the suits are of interest then either drop Me an email or give Me a ring or a text on 07856 721782 I’ll look forward to hearing from you, My very best wishes to you all, stay safe and stay well, Dr.Sara xxx