So here we go again, into a new year, a shit start I grant you but things will get better at some point! of this I remain positive. I’m still here, still in a good position and I am very grateful for it, shockingly between lockdowns business has been very good, although that in itself is both a comfort and a shock, a comfort to know that business is good and still there but also a shock every time Boris goes on T.V. and makes an announcement it is instant like someone has turned the light switch to the world into the off position. Any way I refuse to bow down to it and I am positive and will remain so, on the flip side of the coin very sad to see some of my peers go out of business and lose premises etc….we are all affected in some way I guess.

So what’s a gal to do with time on her hands, go shopping of course I now have a massive display of Anal toys ranging in size from large to absolutely ridiculous….

It got to the stage where I had 4 buckets full of them just dotted about, beautiful stainless steel buckets of course, however I now have them all in a gorgeous glass display cabinet, all the big names are amongst them , Hung, Sinnovator, Hankey’s etc, a selection of around 50 at the last count, not bad for a gal that doesn’t even claim to be an anal specialist…..I have always been a believer in being ever evolving and ever improving, this has served Me well over the years, I have seen many come and many go, kit, knowledge and a drive to improve is what the stayers all have in common…

And then as if that was not improvement enough or shopping enough 😇 Difficult to stop a gal when she is on a roll😁

A nice new bit of kit too, I installed this before November Lockdown and so have been dying to launch it and show all My wonderful regulars that I listened to their wants and desires, this is what you wanted so this is what you got, a stunning traditional Patient Lift or to give it its full title The Arjo Maxi Twin Patient Lift as seen in use throughout the NHS and so in keeping with the ever popular traditional theme at The Practice Rooms.

Again these pictures were taken not before the current lockdown but before the last one in November, it is as you can see fully functional and great fun, really it was great fun 😇 Did I mention it was great fun😂🤣😂 Read Below what they say about it……

The Maxi Twin is unlike other passive sling lifters, it has a twin mast design that not only improves stability and weight distribution, but it is also aesthetically pleasing.Safe working load of 400 lbs

Unique friction solution prevents the spreader bar from swinging back and forth (patent pending).

Better eye contact between caregiver and patient, thanks to the open, twin mast design.

Exceptional legroom for the patient.

Excellent maneuverability.

Suitable for all transfer and lifting routines, including lifting patients up from the floor, due to the high and low lifting stroke and long reach.

Effortless patient positioning with minimum exertion for the caregiver due to the Powered

Dynamic Positioning System (PDPS).

A wide range of clip slings, loop slings and flites are available, as well as an integrated weighing scale and five different spreader bars.

Sounds good huh? It is good I promise you and did I mention Great Fun👍

Ok ok enough look at me look what I got……look above to see all The Practice Rooms Fillies in all our splendour 🙄 to the Left, good ole me Dr.Sara, In the middle to the back the stunning Nurse Jolene who as I’m sure you all know also appears often as Patient Jolene and on the right, last but by no means least Nurse Wilde, treble trouble we are quickly becoming known as, beautifully soft and gentle Nurse Jolene often keeping myself and My sadistic Sister Nurse Wilde in check, I should say these two ladies are highly competent in their own right and still learning but the basics now are 2nd nature read the list of Nurse Treatments below, of course there is so much more available here at The Practice Rooms but for the time the ladies have been with me it is an impressive list of basic treatments I think..

Treatments Performed by the Nurses….

blood pressure monitoring

Shaving and Procedure Prep

Bed Bath

Urethral Sounding… All styles, regulars know there are buckets of sounds here to choose from…


Needle Play

Breath Control & Rebreathing


Scrotal Infusions

Prostate Examination


Prostate Milking

Enforced Milking

Electro therapy

Well other than that we all now wait on Boris and his announcements, he says February but I would bet it’s March before we see enough vaccine out there for us to all be allowed back out to play again, we’ll see, in the mean time a sincere thank you to all the guys that have stayed in touch, please continue to do so, when will it all be over I do not know, but to know you are all out there and still wanting to visit is of great comfort….Thanks for reading . my very best wishes to you all, stay safe and stay well Dr.Sara xx