Ok so October in the medical room was decent, not quite but almost back to normal, I’d say September was near 70% and October maybe 80% of what would be considered a decent month under non covid times, November was looking absolutely storming, as close to fully booked as it gets then Boris popped on the TV and put his 2 pence in and almost immediately, you guessed it, it all fell out of bed big style….Cheers Boris and Cheers Covid-19.…..A bit like Silvio in the Sopranos, **Just when I though I was out, they dragged me back in again**

So lets not let it get us down, as you are aware (look at the two pics above) you now have a choice of two Assistants here at the Practice, NurseWilde or the already well established NurseJolene both stunning ladies though very different, NurseJolene being very traditional and a soft and gentle creature, NurseWilde more on the modern latex track and very much sadistic…Both Ladies are proving very popular indeed and I’m sure we’ll all be having much fun once we are finished with all this lockdown etc…I wonder am I an essential service but then maybe best not go there the fines are quite horrific 😂🤣😂

So whilst we are not allowed to conduct business what is a naughty Dr. going to do? Well shop of course, why wouldn’t I? I’m sure anyone who is regular will tell you I have 8 maybe 10 sets of these pouched sounding sets, then a stainless steel medical bucket full of all manor of individual sounds in sizes extra small right through to F***ing huge, vibrating , Hegar, RoseBud, Pratt, Ribbed, silicone and on and on, but those above caught my eye so I have added them to my collection, the ones below will make the most experienced players eyes water and were a gift from a friend who thought I may put them to good use 😃

So what apart from shopping to do with what is in effect a month off, albeit a forced month off, well tweaks to the website of course, both My medical one and My Dungeon one also…..I have some wicked video’s and photos shot just before lockdown so in the coming weeks I’ll be loading them up and giving the sites a little dust and polish….Then as we start back Christmas will be upon us…WOW where did the year go…

I’m really not sure what to think of Christmas this year, it has to say the very least been a very funny year, poor choice of words there, absolutely nothing funny about it at all…..A nice dinner cooked by #1 is always a good thing, a little present although we always agree not to, I mean what do you buy each other after near 3 decades together, we always think of something 😇 and other than that It would be great restrictions allowing to see my Mum….

I don’t usually say anything too personal here in My blogs, it’s not what it’s all about and lets be honest the woe-be-me brigade soon get on everyones t*ts if truth be told, but due to this rotten, rotten virus I haven’t seen my dear ole” Mum since last Christmas, she is coming up 87 and not been out of the house for months, I worry about her and at 87 although a very sprightly 87 you never know how many Christmases you have left, so c’mon Boris, lets have some travel restrictions lifted if you would be so kind…

Ok I published My Domina Sara blog early, a little late on parade with this one, lockdown is lifted and although from an area that went into lockdown in tier 1 with no rise at all we come out of lockdown in tier 2, the longer all this goes on the less sense it makes and the more it stinks….Anyway on a brighter note I booked in and got My hair done and this afternoon at 1pm My nailes….yayyyyyy!!!! some semblance of normal at least 👍

Thats about Me for this time, stay well, look after yourselves and if you wish a bit of pre Christmas treatment book soon the diary is filling up Thanks for reading Dr.Sara xx