The title reads a little negative, you think? Actually as each week passes I can only speak for Myself but I feel more and more positive…..Things after what seems an age are starting to move forward, I was laughing with My #1 driving through to the studio’s yesterday (the 15th) saying all the shops are now open and actually it made us realise that whilst that makes such a huge difference to some people it makes absolutely no difference to us at all, I go with My #2 shopping to London once a year but other than that I rarely go round the shops and prefer to shop on line. I am however glad to see it return, not only for those that have spent several months now cooped up indoors but also for the business owners who have a chance to make some money again…Long may it continue

For Myself suffering depression or even being down in the dumps is something I am very lucky not to of suffered at all during lockdown, it would appear many have if even half you read on social media is true, for that I am very grateful, what I am suffering is great frustration, not only do I miss the kink in My life but I had also refurbed just before lockdown and as if that is not enough, ie:- not being able to play in My new rooms, I am the UK’s first GenerationF customer and am absolutely gagging to introduce the exceptional GenerationF products to the world. I have been the Test Bunny for the kit for a good while now and am so impressed I have off loaded near all My other milker machines and now have a dedicated GenerationF room, yes they are that good…… this space and look out for a further blog later in the month…

So lots of new toys in The Practice but once I can get back in there I’m thinking I really could do with a few more flashes of orange, what do you think 😂

I’m thinking it might be one of those MUST DO’s, I spend far too much money I know but then it does make things better and I spend a lot of time in there Myself, I’m just glad you notice, I often catch folks looking around for what is new knowing there is usually something even if they are a monthly visitor….scorn all you like I have no shame….HaHaHa😅😂🤣

A little on the sad side this past weekend, the 20th saw the 4th year anniversary of the death of My dear ‘ole Dad, a good and kind man and as well as My Dad a very good friend of mine, Sunday being fathers day just elongated all the thoughts and memories, still turning negative into positive as each year passes it DOES NOT get easier as they say but at least more fond memories come to mind than the sadness of the loss so better albeit not that much better if that makes sense…

And so onto the big question when will we all return to work, reading the various social media platforms it would seem everyone is heading for the 4th of July when hairdressers go back, even the holier-than-thou brigade who have been stomping and stamping at the keyboard seem to find that acceptable, well who knows with a keyboard warrior for now they are saying nothing so seem accepting….truth be told some Ladies haven’t stopped working, some went back weeks ago and some are saying the 4th is too soon for them, I think in the grand scheme of things we all will have to make our own minds up and as My #1 always says to me go with your guts and thats what we’ll all have to do, at some point when you are comfortable with it you’ll need to make the move. Me I like to mind My own business so to all the ladies out there whatever you chose or whatever you are yet to choose, fingers crossed from Me it suits you and works for you…good luck.

My thoughts are now is as good a time as any, I will only be taking limited appointments and easing back into it so if you want to come and play with Me in My stunning studio The Practice with all the new kit then give Me a ring 07856 721782 or drop me an email Nurse Jolene and Patient Jolene are also available our price is £250.00 per hour for the pair of us, there are no hidden extras at all so that price includes all your consumables too…..If you are a new client you will need to pay a deposit which in not negotiable I’m afraid, if you’d like to know why it is due to all the time wasters the came before you, I’m not nasty with deposits if you cancel with a reasonable amount of time whilst I do not refund I will carry it over (once) to another appointment, real life does happen and I fully understand that…..

Do hurry a queue is already forming 🤩🤩