Ok the main room, or as you guys know it, The Practice, in here it is more a shimmy round, refurb, call it what you will rather than a full on change of use, everything came out, everything got washed down and repainted, Blue replacing the previous white a little signage added a few new bits of kit and all put back together….

The dozen or so that have seen it thus far have all commented along the same lines, that it is a lot more than a shimmy round, you can all think as you see it, thats only right! For Me I am very proud of it…..

In putting it back together I have somewhat decluttered it and so it seems much bigger and I have rearranged it all so it makes it so much nicer to work in and practical too…

As with the GenertionF room worry not there is a video and it will at some point this week be loaded onto My website along with the new Photo’s so you’ll be able to see much better and think (hopefully) that it is much improved….until then…thanks for reading