Ok so at long last I had a little time to take a few pictures, this is Part 2 of the blog, in part 1 I showed you everything stripped out, in this one I’m showing you what used to be the consultation room and is now reborn as the GenerationF room….

GenerationF is a new soon to be launched British company specialising in milking machines, it has taken on board all that is out there, fixed all that is broken with it and made some outstanding and functional machines, I have been very lucky to be the test bunny for them😃😃 this blog is not about GenerationF so I will say no more at this point other than I am onboard 100%

Not one, not two but three GenerationF milking machines, ElectroT machine by GenF  for GenF electrics and in the back ground on the wall a selections of P.E.T.Z and N.E.T.Z

Another angle for you, whilst the room is not as small as it might appear in the pictures it is not huge so difficult to photograph, mind you no matter how I have taken photo’s over the years folks have always turned up and said WOW the pics don’t do it justice, so better that way than folks turning up and thinking mmmm clever photography…well those are My thoughts anyway.

The bed is of course a British National Health Birthing bed, and it’s partly the reason the room looks so small, the bed is built for 2, so once in a suit you can sit and then be put into the laying position as it’s fully electric, no effort and maybe, just maybe Dr.Sara will get on there with you, or could it be NurseJolene…..book and see HaHaHa😂😂😂

A couple more pics to tempt you, don’t worry I took video too and that along with the new photos will be loaded onto My site this week and then you’ll really be able to see….so off now to type about The Practice revamp/reshuffle/ShimmyRound that will be part3