So a bit of a refurb in The Practice, it looks not only awesome but brand new now as you’ll see as you read through, but to get it looking like that you first have to destroy it😟😟😟😟😟

The normally spick and span bathroom is full of anaesthesia machines and suction and pulsation tubes and the like…😷😷😷

More anaesthesia machines and all manner of goodies in the hallway…..ooops😮😮😮😮😮

A few more anaesthesia machines and desolation, how did I end up with 11 machines…..Almost a fetish of it’s own I think😆

So gone the boring white and in with the beautiful blue, still desolation but the start of things going back together…..Pheeewwwwww!

More blue in what used to be the pre-med room, this room will be a total transformation I am so excited to show you…..videos coming soon😇

Starting to put it back together